I asked the Beloved Guides about what would be good for us to remember from 2022 and bring with us into 2023.

Where can you be more loving in 2023?  Where can you let judgment go and allow the love that is under everything to flow through? We must sound like a broken record constantly talking about love. We say to you that love is the answer to everything because it really is.

In your own life, this past year think of where you have resisted in health, relationships, finances, politics, you name it, love works. It is the same with other feelings such as feelings of upliftment, being kind, gentle, caring, and compassionate.

Another wonderful thing about uplifting feelings is that they are the gift that keeps on giving. When you bring them into whatever you are doing, they grow and expand.  You feel so much better and so does the person you are directing them towards. However, when you generate feelings of hostility and negativity, that pulls everyone’s energy down. Instead, you can choose to focus on what you have to be grateful for. Then you attract more of what resonates with that positive uplifting energy. Remember, the energy you vibrate is the energy you attract. So, choose feelings of love and upliftment and that kind of flowing energy will surround everyone.

Love will solve all the problems around the world. Think of it. There would be no hungry people because people would be growing enough food for the world.  Instead of burning it, they would bring it to shelters, to places where the food could be shared with others in exchange for some kind of service performed. It always helps people feel good about themselves when they can give something too. Handouts do not feel good to anyone. Service to one another is very healing. 

So, look around you and see where you can do your part. Where in your own city or town can you volunteer to help? If there is no money or food to give, you can choose to give of your time.   Look for opportunities to be of service and do something that contributes to the whole. 

Lastly, being grateful for what you have is so important. It keeps you in the loving vibration of giving and receiving. End this year of 2022 with love and gratitude and start 2023 with an open loving heart. 

SOLSTICE 12-21-22

Beloveds today is the 21st the solstice for 2022, a day of great transformation that we are in the middle of. Share with us what you will. Thank you.

Well, you have it all there in a couple of words, great transformation. Under all the chaos there is so much going on. Transformation is happening in the middle of all of it. Yes, it seems terrible out there, chaos everywhere you look. However, at the same time, great seeds are being and have been being planted.

It is not time for you to rue the day certain people were born. They served a purpose and continue to serve a purpose. You can see within you places that have been transformed and have been replaced with great love.

Continue as you have been gathering each day together. You make a difference. Never forget that. You do a great service to all humanity with all that you do in that regard. You gather in the name of peace, love, and joy. What could be better than that? You all have gathered so much peace, love, and joy in your hearts.

All that appeared at one time to be lost has not been lost at all. It has all been replaced with “unconditional” peace, love, and joy. Unconditional means for everyone. As you watch your minds play tricks on you by judging what you see around you, at the same time you have a great desire to simply see with your spiritual eyes that all are doing the best they can. You help them by seeing that for them rather than judging what you see that is not what you believe in.

The solstice is doing great work. There are many gathering together today knowing the 21st is a day of great rejoicing, rejoicing that has been waiting all year to be recognized. Simply remember you are Spirit first and foremost. The rest will evolve from that.

Happy Solstice, dear ones. Go forth and plant seeds of transformation within yourself and the world around you with that simple thought, I am Spirit. I love, love, love myself and everyone around me. I see Spirit in everyone and everything.


It is never easy to be in the eye of the storm and that is where you are right now. When in the eye of the storm, there is always a waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yet, the one thing that is a constant in all of this turmoil, no matter what, is that you are all spiritual beings. Your Spirit has never left the heart of God and guidance is always available to you.

You think there are special rituals and special ways to be spiritual beings. There is just be here alive, alert, awake, and ready to do the next thing that shows up for you to do. Just do it the best way you know how. Show up and do what is yours to do. Then watch for the next thing that shows up and what you are guided to do. Is it understanding, compassion, or kindness? Whatever it is, you already have it within you and the ability to do it well.

In each moment, be alert for what shows up for you to do and then be the Light in the midst of it. The key is to constantly and consciously accept and be aware that you are the Light of the world here in physical form. Not a lot of other stuff is needed, just be the LightIt sounds simple and it is if you let go of thinking you have to be the Light in a certain way.

There is no certain way. There is only being the Light you are right where you are being fully present to whatever you are feeling in the midst of all that is going on inside and around you. Are you uplifted, happy, sad, empathetic, or upset? It is important to breathe with any negative feelings that would close your heart to being the vehicle for the Light to flow forth from you.

You have many gifts to offer, and your best gift is being the Light consciously. How do you do this? On the cover of Tuning In To Spirit, there is a picture of being the Light. You see you have Light in every cell of your body, and your Light radiates out through the heart into the world. You have no other way of being that will bring you more joy.

Everything else will fall into place when you simply see that light in your mind’s eye and consciously be it. When you are doing it consciously, it is amplified 100-fold. So, visualize that Light everywhere flowing out of you and everyone. In that way, you are receiving the Light from others as well as radiating the Light to them. As it circles the world, it brings a peaceful way of being. As you breathe, you feel more peaceful and all your swirling emotions will calm as you rest in the Light.