About Me

As an Interfaith Minister, I am passionate about the spiritual path we walk together.   I am  dedicated to staying conscious of the truth that the life force in us is the Divine living and breathing in us. It is my intention to continually remember and help others to remember that we are here to awaken to our Divine essence, to our true nature, and to our connection to all that is, to one another, to our oneness because the Divine that is in me and you is in everyone. What we do to others and to our planet, we do to ourselves. Let us be the peace, the love and the change we want to see in the world. It starts in our own hearts, in our way of being and living with one another. Whoever is reading this right now, I invite you to walk this path with me. Together we can extend love to the world, one person at a time. That’s how we begin to change the world by being the love we want to see right where we are.

We already are who we’ve been looking for.
Sharing this with others and watching their lives and my own transform touches my heart deeply,  fills my life with meaning, joy and gratitude, and moves me to continue sharing.

19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great job! You have taken the first step! I am so excited for you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful insights as well as your spiritual journey. Those of us eager to learn from your wisdom and guidance will greatly benefit.


  2. Patty,
    I am so proud of you. Years ago when you did your spiritual channelings for yourself, I knew you were on a very special journey. More importantly, you have always shared with many of us and now you share with everyone. I still feel your channelings would make a great book.
    I look forward to many more of your insightful blogs.
    Love, Amy


    • Thanks, Amy, a lot of years have gone by since I did my fist spiritual writing back in 1984 and as you can imagine, I am inspired by the way this blog has unfolded through Divine Grace with all the help I’ve received from the “seen and unseen”. It’s amazing how it all came together and I think that’s what will happen with the book. It’s good to keep in touch like this.- it will be good to hear from you. Love you.


    • Thanks, Pattie, I’m so glad to see that you opened the link I sent you. I just spoke to Dave and I’m really thrilled over his guitar auditions. That is so great. He has had a burning desire to play with a band since he was 15- 16 and now after all these years he’s really about to enter a new phase of his life with this. Keep me in the loop on all this and what’s happening with David & Meggie too. I love to hear about it. Love you.


      • Hi Aunt Pat, Cody, Al, my mom, Dave & David were all here today for cake for Meggie’s birthday. We loved the card you sent. We all thought of you & U B, wishing you both were closer. So I hope you felt our love today as we sent it to the Cape. Love, Pattie


  3. Patricia,
    So happy you have started a blog. You embody and express the effervescent radiant light of God. Many will be inspired and uplifted by your thoughts, words, and inspirational messages. Thanks for being my kindred sister, spiritual teacher, and fun-loving grifriend for over 15 years. Blessings to you and your powerful spiritual work!


    • Hi Pamela, I’m smiling as I remember having the gift of your friendship when we lived in Dallas. A wonderful memory just “popped” into my mind of our walks on Kailua Beach wondering where our future would take us and just happy to be together enjoying the beauty of nature. I miss Hawaii, especially Kailua Beach. Bob and I and many of our beloved family and friends, like you have been there with us. I have been holding the vision for many years of having a spiritual center there right on the beach where people could come to refresh themselves body and soul. Let’s hold that vision together. 🙂 I’m inviting everyone who reads this blog to hold that vision seeing ourselves there continuing to learn, grow and play together.


  4. I just read “Keep it simple and surrender”. We are so fortunate to have a birdhouse outside our front porch in the dogwood tree. Dave and I have watched a young couple of sparrows build their nest and are looking forward to the babies. It is so relaxing to watch the simple task of them building their nest. I think we can learn a lesson from nature in taking in their simple natural life and beauty and make it our own. Love, pattie


  5. Hope you got my reply from “Choosing an uplifting memory….” I loved it and it so pertains to evreyone’s life here!! Love, Pattie


  6. Lady Patricia……Words cannot explain the Joy in My Heart,the Freedom in My Soul for You….It is Truly a Blessing to be Your
    Brother !!! Mommy,Dad and Grandma are Smiling on the Other
    Side….Always Loving You, Ron


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