Dear Ones, I watched myself in the throes of what goes on many mornings.  I was trying to drink my morning smoothy while balancing some devotional books in my lap that I like to start my day reading and popping up to take clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer.  They have a name for this.  It’s called multitasking.  I multitask all through the day as many of us do.  It’s difficult to take any satisfaction in finishing one job and starting another when I’m almost unconscious of what I’m doing because I’m doing so many things at once.

It came to me that it’s very destructive to my peace of mind and enjoyment of life when I live like that.  I don’t give myself my full attention to focus in the moment on what I’m doing.  It’s how we can leave home, drive somewhere and wonder how we got there.  It’s only in the moment that we can be aware of what’s going on around us, feel connected and hear guidance from within.  If we’re focused on several things at once, there is no spaciousness to hear the inner voice that is always there talking to us bringing grace into our lives showing us how to enjoy the moment and feel connected to what we’re doing or who we’re doing it with – or even how to get the most out of whatever we’re doing.

For instance how much more nutritious will my smoothy be if I’m savoring it and really tasting it, feeling that I’m doing something good for my body.  In that moment of really tasting and savoring, I increase the nutritional value of whatever I’m eating or drinking because my body can assimilate it better if I’m calm and not stressed.

How much more will I absorb and enjoy what I’m reading if I’m not popping up and down doing something else at the same time.  I don’t have to go on.  I think you get my drift here.  Sometimes multitasking is unavoidable but as a way of life, it’s harmful to our body, mind and spirit.

My plan is to focus on one thing at a time and check in at the end of the day to see what the quality of my day was.  I have a feeling it will be slower paced with more moments of inner peace, more happiness and a less harried way of being so I can receive “those touches that delight the soul” that Sri Aurobindo wrote about when he wrote “The subliminal mind receives and remembers all those touches that delight the soul. Our soul takes joy in this right touching by the Essence of all experience.

Thank you, God, for breaking through and helping me to hear you speaking to me


I am posting this writing again because in randomly opening Tuning In To Spirit over the last four days in four new books, it came up every morning; so, this is obviously an important message for us. The same thing happened back in May as I said below. Love and Light, Patricia xo:)

” Joy does not simply happen to us.  We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”  Henri Nouwen

“With every new day is the opportunity to choose joy. “

This writing which I wrote in 2011 and is in Tuning In To Spirit turns up time after time on our morning meditation conference call. It turned up again this morning so it dawned on me I was meant to share it with all of you again as well so here it is. If you would like to join us on the meditation call, the information is on the right. Also under the writing is a beautiful poem titled, Reclaiming Joy, written by my beloved God daughter, Carma Lee Pawlewicz. With love, Patricia

Joy can be a fleeting thing in this world here on Earth and yet it is waiting around every corner for us to choose.  Stress too can be waiting around every corner when we choose to worry or think things “should” not be as they are.  The moment we resist “what is”, we are stressed because resistance starts pumping emotions through our body about what we think we should do, who we should call, what’s on our plate for the day to do.  It can be compelling because it is all around us in living color.

Our phones ring, our computer blinks its many messages about what’s out there and what we need to do about it.  Thoughts of wouldn’t it be wonderful to go for a walk, sit and relax and look out the window at the change of season, take some time to read a book all fly out the window as our minds begin to race and we take on the pace of the day.  This way of life feeds our stress level.

When we quiet our mind and take a deep breath, we can choose to focus on the joy that is present like an inner stream.  Breathing in the peace of knowing in the grand scheme of things all is well is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.  We really don’t have to have our hand in every thing that crosses our path. We can leave some for someone else and choose only that which calls to our deepest heart.

We have time for so much when we stop and take a moment to breathe in peace and breathe out stress.  Take a moment now to close your eyes and breathe  in, “I am living a beautiful and fulfilling life.  I am happy and at peace.”  Even if it does not feel true right now, what would that look like for you?  Feel that for a moment and keep breathing into it. “I am living a beautiful and fulfilling life. I am happy and at peace.”

Have  a lovely day and choose only that which feeds your soul and is truly for your highest good.  Your heart will tell you so much about what is for your highest good.  When you choose your highest good, your heart will sing with joy rather than feeling oppressed and overwhelmed.  In the long run it will also prove to be for the highest good of others too.

Reclaiming Joy by Carma Lee Pawlewicz

I take a deep breath, release it and pray:

 Dear God, help me to put my “To Do” list aside

and let a relaxed mind be my guide.

Stay in the moment, no worries; just peace.

This is when I feel the pressure decrease.

So much time is lost on worry and regret.

As I end this prayer, this intention I set:

I reclaim the joy

I sometimes lose sight of

when I’m caught up in my “To do’s”

but today in spite of

ALL that I think

I have to do

I put myself first


to myself be TRUE.

 From my heart to yours,

Carma Lee

Ho’oponopono, “Clearing The Decks”

In meditation I was guided to work with an old Hawaiian Prayer, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” It is called Ho’oponopono; and I said it for all those I had ever hurt and who had hurt me. I asked what is my message for the day and this is what came to me:

You are already doing it. You are “clearing the decks” and asking for forgiveness from all those you may have offended, so continue the process.

Please know that in the big picture there is nothing to forgive. There are only people playing out their roles in life, learning as they go along. In the process of learning, they commit acts that are wounding to others. The quicker you are able to feel it, move through it to the other side, and feel love, the happier you will be. It will feel like the Sun is shining brightly inside you, and flowing out into the world.

Continue to love yourself, for you are the person you hold hostage with any feelings of unforgiveness you may hold on to. Instead choose to release it now, or at least look at being willing to release it. The willingness will open the door to your heart, followed by feelings of love and joy. And that is why you are here… to feel and share the love and joy everywhere. As time goes on, the feelings of overwhelming love in your heart will flow and reach out and embrace all around you. You will feel more and more joy and freedom. Your heart is opening wider, and there is more room for the love to pour through totally unencumbered by old wounds, past hurt from others or towards others. Your feeling of freedom expands, and you are actually able to accomplish more with less effort because you have released the hurt or pain that was there. You are finally free, which frees your energy.


Today when I held my book, Tuning In To Spirit, against my heart and asked what is for our highest good to remember on this 4th of July Independence Day, the book opened to the writing, Love Yourself on Page 83. For a moment I wondered why and then it came to me. The U. S. Declaration of Independence is the pronouncement adopted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 4, 1776. The Declaration explained why the Thirteen Colonies at war with the Kingdom of Great Britain regarded themselves as thirteen independent sovereign states, no longer under British rule. With the Declaration, these new states took a collective first step toward forming the United States of America.

Loving ourselves is the first step in our healing from all unresolved issues that lead to pain and suffering. We become independent from our old ways of being and live in this moment free from old thoughts, old patterns, old beliefs, old grief and come into this present day FREE to be ourselves without the baggage. We can put it down and let it go. This writing helps to do just that. Today is a new day. Happy Independence Day.

Love yourself.  Send love to all the hurting places in you.  Whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it is all the same.  You are experiencing pain.

Ultimately every thing that is physical initially had its roots in some subconscious call from your body to slow down, to listen and become aware of the ache in your heart or somewhere in your being where you may be holding on to something that it would be best to let go of.

You can push things down for just so long, even years, but eventually it will show up in some way.  Accepting yourself and life as it is can help. 

When you block your flow of energy, of life force, from flowing through your body, eventually it creates a blockage wherever the energy is stuck and not flowing.

Energetically you can even attract certain things to you that cause physical pain.  No matter what it is, there is something behind it energetically.  Changing your energy by sending love and compassion to that area helps the energy to start moving again. 

Sometimes stronger measures are needed because the energy has been blocked and stuck for so long.  Ultimately attending to it and loving it is a major part of your healing process.  So let the healing process begin now.  Love, love, love and more love for self as well as all others is the best prescription for healing. You are loved with an ever lasting love.


As much as I want to experience it all with a loving heart, it can be a challenge so I asked my Guides, “Why do I do what I don’t want to do, and not do what I want to?” The following was the reply.

The perennial question, dear one. You are on the human level in a human body with lots of deeply embedded patterns that are working themselves out this lifetime.

Let it unfold as it will and just be with it as it unfolds. Your experience of all of it with the awareness of what’s happening is key. You have for some time been “watching” this process.  Continue to do so remembering joy is why you are here and you can’t feel joy when your heart is unloving. Joy is the greatest service you can provide to others and to this planet for it has such a high vibration that it pulls everything else up with it. This is the master plan and you are all participating in it valiantly.

Where improvement can happen is when you “see” what you have done or not done, be kinder to yourself with the realization you are doing the best you can at a human level. This is important because your own vibration depends on it. You cannot be vibrating to joy when you are telling yourself how you “should” have done or not done something in a harsh way.

You do what you do until you don’t. Can you be OK with this? The more you feel you are doing something wrong, the more you are empowering it with your energy and you keep it going. Let this writing be the healing it is meant to be.

Focus on the inner joy that is already within you bubbling to the surface when you are not telling yourself you “should” do better. You can all be shining lights for one another by practicing self-acceptance and self-love by realizing Who you are. You are the hands and feet of your God Self. You are Divine here experiencing being human with all the patterns. So not wanting those patterns is a waste of your precious energy. Simply experience it all with an open mind and a joyful loving heart and you will see the transformation that is already within you.


In the midst of all the doubts out there, this is the writing that came through.

They are the very doubts others have about their worthiness, their purpose, what life is supposed to look like. There is no “supposed to.” You came here to this realm to explore and experience, so go ahead and explore and experience. Above all, enjoy doing it. Your Spirit is whole and intact already. Whatever you experience does not affect your inner Wholeness. You are always whole, no matter what the appearances.

So where do you go from here? You go to “Heaven.” Heaven is an inside job. It comes from the depth of your Being, from the indwelling Source of all life that lives in you, as you. Allow it to flow forth into your life. From that flow, Heaven is created right here on Earth.

Be at peace, knowing there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nowhere to be more than you already are. There is only the now moment. Fill it with joyful remembrance of the Divine Being you already are. Breathe in that realization, and it will transform your life into more simplicity and inner peace.

In every moment, your Divine Spirit enfolds you. Live in that knowing. You are loved with an everlasting love.


Where around you is there a need for what you have to offer no matter what it is. You have a special gift to offer the world with your loving attention to the simple act of loving wherever you are.

Rather than paying attention to what you don’t have, it is really about seeing what is all around you. What do you have that can be shared with others: your time, your talent, your abundance, in whatever form that takes?  These opportunities will present themselves to you in big and small ways.

Love and gratitude have always been there, and now they are present even more because people are awakening and realizing they are here to give and receive love. That really is our main purpose. Wherever you can allow more love into your own heart, say YES to all of it: a loving gesture, a kind word, a look of kindness or a smile. Whatever it is, nothing is too small to love and appreciate and to share.

The more this is practiced, the more love swells into the fullness of what it is, which is unconditional love, not for what someone does or doesn’t do, but for the Divinity already in the person. All is Divine, so be in gratitude for all of it. It is all to help you evolve and wake up to the truth that there is only God manifesting in many forms. When the realization of that truly bursts forth and flowers in your heart, then you can see it really showing up in your life.  You are loved with an everlasting love.

Stress or Joy, Your Choice

This week’s Present Moment Reminder from Eckhart Tolle’s teachings is, “Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.’” I can certainly relate to that because I can find myself with that response to my day.

Recently my Goddaughter, Carma, sent me a text about a 9 Part Docuseries called Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science.  Last night Bob and I watched Episode 1 which is The Root Cause of All Disease – How To Rise Above Stress, Anxiety and Mood Illnesses. It is a wonderful synchronicity that both Eckhart Tolle’s teaching and this series appeared in my in box at the same time. There are no coincidences just synchronicities that are wonderful teachers for us if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the messages they offer. There are ‘teachers’ everywhere.

Stress is at the top of the list of what we live with each day depending on our response to what is happening in our lives. Yes, there is science behind all this now. However, we know that way before science proved it the mystics of old have given us the key eons ago about how to deal with stress. The key is in the saying that Eckhart shares with us, “Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.’”

Being present in this moment means practicing being aware of where our minds are wandering negatively and how long we let it live in our consciousness. In Emmett Fox’s little booklet, The 30 Day Mental Diet he shares, if you are sitting in front of a fireplace and a spark flies out and lands on your sleeve and you brush it off quickly, nothing will happen. However, if you leave it there, it will burn a hole in your sleeve. It’s the same thing with our consciousness.

Stress in the form of our bills, our relationships, our health, and our time constraints etc. all contribute to the stress of our day. We can continue to dwell on those things and if we do, it will surely burn a hole in our consciousness of peace and joy. If we learn to live in a way that accounts for those things without stressing over them, it’s a whole different story.

The other day I was listening to Panache Desai, and he said, “In the face of everything that shows up in your life, you could choose to say, ‘God, I can’t wait to see how you’re going to get us out of this one.’” That brings a smile to my lips, and I am quickly feeling more joyful and more at peace with my life. I hope it does the same for you.

Carma also shared one of her wonderful meaningful poems with us about joy:

Reclaim Joy

As I open my eyes to welcome this day,

I take a deep breath, release it and pray:

Dear God, help me to put my “to do” list aside

and let a relaxed mind be my guide.

Stay in the moment, no worries just peace.

This is when I feel the pressure decrease.

So much time is lost on worry and regret.

As I end this prayer, this intention I set:

I reclaim the joy I sometimes lose sight of

But I promise myself today, in spite of,

ALL that I think I have to do

I will take care of myself

And to myself be TRUE. 


You are all natural born healers.  Maybe not in the sense that you think of traditional healing, but instead healers of the spirit.  You have a natural affinity for helping people in any way you can, be it health of mind, body, or spirit.  You each do that in your own way.  You do it with your kind words and with the compassion you send out to the world with your deep awareness of what is going on in the world.  When you see confusion in any situation, you bring your own awareness to it and the healing begins in the heart of the other person simply by your listening and understanding in a compassionate way. 

Kindness can be underrated in this world, but it is sorely needed.  You are being kind when you smile with warm loving eyes at people, when you show them a bit of kindness by engaging them with a small hello or conversation or comment about what they are wearing or what pretty eyes they have or anything you can think of to connect at a heart level.  By focusing on something lovely in others, you will warm their hearts and possibly help them out of their rumination about what is wrong in their lives or in the world.   

People are starved for warmth of the soul.  They are hungry for what you have to offer so keep doing it.  Children, pets, and adults all thrive on kindness and compliments rather than corrections.  The fewer corrections we give one another in this world, the better the world will be. 

So, as you move through your day, do something loving for someone else whether it is a text, an email, a phone call, going out, or wherever you find yourself.  It will benefit you as well as the other.  As love goes out, so it returns. 


Affirmations do no good if you don’t apply them is one of the first things to remember.  You have affirmations posted everywhere as reminders.  The question is do you stop to read them and take the meaning into your heart breathing deeply as you feel them.  There is so much not practiced that would be beneficial, but if you fill your life with busyness, it makes you feel more overwhelmed with one more thing to do, to be, to affirm, and the list goes on.  So, what do you do to stop this, you ask?

Well, you could start with just resting more often in the awareness that you truly are enough, you already have done enough, there is nothing you must do except the demands you put on yourself.  They are no one else’s demands.  Remember you put the demands there in the first place.  So, you can remove them at any time. 

You can start by allowing yourself the freedom to do nothing.  The challenge is dealing with everything that comes up from your old patterns you think are gone, but when you are sitting doing nothing, raise their heads. Regrets or any number of things that the mind will bring up can surface. Those patterns must come up. So, simply be with them.  There is nothing to do about them.  Your mind will pop up and say but what about this or what about that.  That’s what the mind does. So, leave it alone and let it be.

Make time each day to simply sit for just a few minutes – not reading, not trying to meditate, not anything, simply sitting quietly.  Practice this throughout the day whenever you can. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll find a few minutes.  Just sit and watch what comes up. 

This sounds simple but you know it is not.  It means you must simply be the observer and not the doer.  It is simply being quiet and resting in the awareness that you truly are already enough.