When I asked what would be good for us to focus on as we enter the next phase of our lives, this is the message I received.

Keep your heart open to what is already there, and what is pouring in to assist you. That will take care of everything for you. What you have focused on has come back to bless or haunt you. In the long run, it is all a blessing because you are able to see what you are doing by what shows up in your life. Sometimes you are aware of what you are doing, and you can see the repercussions immediately. At other times, it takes a while for whatever you are unconsciously focusing on to show up. But show up it does, and many of those things are in your life now. Now is the time to let it all go, and to know there is a higher order of things; and you are benefiting from all of it.

So simply tune into what is already in your own heart. It will become more evident as time goes on that it does not benefit you to cry over spilt milk. This is a new day. Let the spilt milk go. Much has been released for you already. So be aware of the good all around you and within you and the good will continue to multiply.

Cease trying to figure things out or trying to fix yourself and everything around you. That is unnecessary work for you, and it just wastes your precious time and energy which could be used to greater benefit by being in joy, actually enjoying every day.

As you move through your day, be conscious of just what you are doing, no matter what it is or how small. When you are truly present to it, be in a place of gratitude for all of it. Your mood and your energy field will rise to match that joy and gratitude. That is the energy that is sweeping the planet from all sides from all the Light Workers who are here awakening to their Divinity. No matter what it looks like in the world around you, remember the Truth that with God all things are possible and know without a shadow of a doubt that the Light will prevail. YOU ARE LOVED WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE.

Slow Me Down Lord, So I Can Appreciate Life

Dear Ones, I watched myself in the throes of what goes on many mornings.  I was trying to drink my morning smoothy while balancing some devotional books in my lap that I like to start my day reading and popping up to take clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer.  They have a name for this.  It’s called multitasking.  I multitask all through the day as many of us do.  It’s difficult to take any satisfaction in finishing one job and starting another when I’m almost unconscious of what I’m doing because I’m doing so many things at once.

It came to me that it’s very destructive to my peace of mind and enjoyment of life when I live like that.  I don’t give myself my full attention to focus in the moment on what I’m doing.  It’s how we can leave home, drive somewhere and wonder how we got there.  It’s only in the moment that we can be aware of what’s going on around us, feel connected and hear guidance from within.  If we’re focused on several things at once, there is no spaciousness to hear the inner voice that is always there talking to us bringing grace into our lives showing us how to enjoy the moment and feel connected to what we’re doing or who we’re doing it with – or even how to get the most out of whatever we’re doing.

For instance how much more nutritious will my smoothy be if I’m savoring it and really tasting it, feeling that I’m doing something good for my body.  In that moment of really tasting and savoring, I increase the nutritional value of whatever I’m eating or drinking because my body can assimilate it better if I’m calm and not stressed.

How much more will I absorb and enjoy what I’m reading if I’m not popping up and down doing something else at the same time.  I don’t have to go on.  I think you get my drift here.  Sometimes multitasking is unavoidable but as a way of life, it’s harmful to our body, mind and spirit.

My plan is to focus on one thing at a time and check in at the end of the day to see what the quality of my day was.  I have a feeling it will be slower paced with more moments of inner peace, more happiness and a less harried way of being so I can receive “those touches that delight the soul” that Sri Aurobindo wrote about when he wrote “The subliminal mind receives and remembers all those touches that delight the soul. Our soul takes joy in this right touching by the Essence of all experience.

Thank you, God, for breaking through and helping me to hear you speaking to me.


Tuning in daily is about connection to the Divine Presence that lives and breathes in every being. It helps you to see you have an inner plan to be expressed through your unique being. It is special for each person.

Life is easier when you tune into the Divine Presence daily because you will hear what is yours to do for that day. Each of you is like a river with a current, and you have a course, a way of living your life with grace and ease, which is the path of least resistance.

When you resist “what is,” whatever you are resisting persists. You are giving whatever you are resisting your energy and continue to attract it. Being in the present and experiencing “what is” without resistance is key. Look below the surface of what is showing up in your life that you resist because you constantly receive insights from your Divine nature and the insights show you a more flowing way to live your life.

Being in the present moment, the Now, is about seeing the insights as they unfold and allowing them to continue to unfold. You interfere and block your insights when you hold onto thoughts that things should look and unfold a certain way. When you refuse to experience “what is,” the flow stops and you are again paddling upstream against the current.

So, choose to experience “what is” with an open heart, embrace it and simply be with it. Proceed at your own pace, knowing guidance is there in every moment. You are never alone; Spirit is always with you sending you angels in the form of people every step of the way to guide and direct you.

When you meet constant resistance all along the way, you know you are paddling upstream, bucking the current resulting in feeling alone and separated from your Divine nature. When you resist “what is,” whatever you are resisting persists. You are giving whatever you are resistinf your energy and continue to attrract it. Being in the present and experiencing “what is” without resistanc e is key. Look below the surface of what is showing up in your life that you resist. You constnatly receive insights fro your Divine nature and the insights show you a more flowing way to live your life.



Sometimes I feel like I have missed the boat with all the procrastination and divergent paths that have carried me far and wide.  There are many like me.  What would you share with us?

There are many boats  leaving the old consciousness for the new consciousness.  There is no “missing the boat.”  There is only waking up to your soul’s passion for Ascending into the Light.

It is all around you.  You have simply to become aware of it, to be conscious of it and allow it to guide and direct you.  You are always receiving messages.  As you tune in daily, you become more adept at hearing and following your guidance.  Your inner Self knows what is for your highest good.

No matter how many times you stop listening and get embroiled in what seems like a divergent path, the inner Self is still there and you have learned on the divergent path what it feels like not to follow the voice of the inner Self.  It is not good or bad so do not name it so.  Simply be aware of it and move forward surrounded, protected and filled with the Light of the inner Self/the Indweller of Light.

All is well, Children of the Light, for you are after all made of the Light.  You are the Light that has come to planet Earth at this time of transformation to hold the Light for all.

Experience It All With A Loving Heart

Experience It All With A Loving Heart

As much as I want to experience it all with a loving heart, it can be a challenge so I asked my Guides, “Why do I do what I don’t want to do, and not do what I want to?” The following was the reply.

The perennial question, dear one. You are on the human level in a human body with lots of deeply embedded patterns that are working themselves out this lifetime.

Let it unfold as it will and just be with it as it unfolds. Your experience of all of it with the awareness of what’s happening is key. You have for some time been “watching” this process.  Continue to do so remembering joy is why you are here and you can’t feel joy when your heart is unloving. Joy is the greatest service you can provide to others and to this planet for it has such a high vibration that it pulls everything else up with it. This is the master plan and you are all participating in it valiantly.

Where improvement can happen is when you “see” what you have done or not done, be kinder to yourself with the realization you are doing the best you can at a human level. This is important because your own vibration depends on it. You cannot be vibrating to joy when you are telling yourself how you “should” have done or not done something in a harsh way.

You do what you do until you don’t. Can you be OK with this? The more you feel you are doing something wrong, the more you are empowering it with your energy and you keep it going. Let this writing be the healing it is meant to be.

Focus on the inner joy that is already within you bubbling to the surface when you are not telling yourself you “should” do better. You can all be shining lights for one another by practicing self-acceptance and self-love by realizing Who you are.
You are the hands and feet of your God Self. You are Divine here experiencing being human with all the patterns. So not wanting those patterns is a waste of your precious energy. Simply experience it all with an open mind and an open, joyful loving heart and you will see the transformation that is already within you.

Grace Is Not Earned. Grace Is A Gift

Let us speak to you of Grace. Grace is not earned. Grace is a gift. It comes to you like your breath. It is always there. It is about receptivity. It is about allowing. It is about breathing into it and being full of grace as you move through your life each day.

That was the guidance I received and it started me thinking that sometimes life feels so full of what seems to be the opposite of grace… obstacles that make us wonder where the grace is. I have been reminding myself that these obstacles, that I wish I could get rid of, are opportunities for me to lift my vibration, and stay open to grace flowing in. I know it’s there; yet when I am focused and overwhelmed by the circumstances around me, I can’t feel the grace, and the obstacles seem to grow in magnitude.

I remind myself that whatever is there now is there because I attracted it for a reason. The reason is usually because it is an opportunity for me to experience something in a new way from a higher perspective than I may have before. Obstacles have a way of redirecting us to see the grace we may not have seen before.

Usually the way I raise my perspective is to find something to appreciate. Nature really does it for me. I breathe into the sky, the clouds, the sun, the water, the birds, the dragon flies, the butterflies, the beautiful plants and flowers, the night sky filled with the moon and the stars, everything around me. I let it fill me as I breathe into it. I am so grateful for all of it. I may not have seen the beauty and the grace because I was focused on the obstacles. It’s a perfect opportunity to shift my focus.

It may be family and friends for you or whatever. No matter what it is, it’s an opportunity for us to feel the grace all around us through our appreciation of it, to reach beyond the obstacles and see the beauty, the love, the grace, all of it present when we have the eyes to see it and we open to receive it.

This is a constant practice, because it’s very easy to slip into old ways of being. We can practice shifting our focus about everything by seeing what else is there, beside the obstacle. If it seems overwhelming, we can just be with it. We can be where we are, and love ourselves just the way we are, and we can choose to be with people whose vibration is high until we can do it for ourselves.


I was watching the squirrels chasing each other around, protective of the seeds I had given them. I sent them a prayer, “Come on guys, share with one another. There is more than enough. I will give you more.” It reminded me of our relationship with the Divine. Following is the Writing I received which is in Tuning In To Spirit on page 101. Happy reading. Love, Patricia

The Divine is in all. When the awareness of that comes to the heart, the heart is no longer afraid of lack and limitation of any kind. You are inbred with your own set of beliefs but along side those beliefs, lying dormant within awaiting your realization, is the awareness that you are a spiritual being and all things are yours for the receiving. 

So what is the key to receiving all the wonderful gifts of the kingdom that the Divine has for you.  First of all, it is about letting go of what you already know to be true from your past experience and simply allowing yourself the freedom to explore new ways of feeling about your life. You are here to experience it all, to see what it feels like to experience lack, limitation, and abundance, all of it.  Whatever it is simply is an experience.  So experience it all with no EXPECTATION OR ATTACHMENT to either way of experiencing something.  Just observe how it makes you feel.  You can then choose the way that makes you feel inner joy, contentment, peace.   Allow yourself to feel what that feels like. 

New experiences will come and you will experience them in a new way, which you have now learned from your new way of being.  Without expectation and attachment, everything can show up brand new for you rather than with the old paint over it which you have placed there with your past way of experiencing.  In the past everything was experienced with your old eyes.  Your new eyes will create a whole new way of being for you and thus a new life. 

“As long as you believe in and give power to the illusions of this world, you will get caught up in them. This isn’t bad; it may be that the cause and effect with which you are dealing is going to hold you into the earth plane for a few more lessons, for a few more experiences. Love them. – John-Roger, D.S.S (From: The Way Out Book, p. 11-12)


This writing, Love Yourself, popped up several times recently as I randomly opened my book, Tuning In To Spirit on Page 83.  I’m sure there’s a reason it showed up right now so I’m taking it to heart and sharing it with all of you.  Feel free to comment if it applies to anything you are experiencing or if there is anything you would like to add.  Love and miracles, Patricia 
Love yourself.  Send love to all the hurting places in your body.  Whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it is all the same.  It is showing up as pain.  Ultimately every thing that is physical initially had its roots in some subconscious call from your body to slow down, to listen and become aware of the ache in your heart or somewhere in your being.You can push things down for just so long, even years, but eventually it will show up in some way.  Accepting yourself and life as it is can help.  When you block your flow of energy, of life force from flowing through your body, eventually it creates a blockage wherever the energy is stuck and not flowing.Energetically you can even attract certain things to you that cause physical pain.  No matter what it is, there is something behind it energetically.  Changing your energy by sending love and compassion to that area helps the energy to start moving again. Sometimes stronger measures are needed because the energy has been blocked and stuck for so long.  Ultimately attending to it and loving it is a major part of your healing process.  So let the healing process begin now.  Love, love, love and more love for self as well as all others is the best prescription for healing. You are loved and appreciated.


As many of you know, my book, Tuning In To Spirit, is on in written and audio and I use it daily to give me guidance for the day.  As a result of what happened this week, I asked for guidance around that and opened the book randomly and this is the Writing I opened to. Each day no matter where I open, it is perfect for the needs of the moment.

It matters not the charge or upset or degree of it.  The person or situation you are having the charge around is being used as one more messenger showing you to yourself.  As you view all this from your Higher Self perspective, you see one more place within you that can get easily disturbed, easily thrown out of balance because you see it as something you disagree with.

All your old beliefs and patterns are coming up for you to see how attached you are to your way of viewing the world the way you think it should be – your own personal perspective of yay, yay, nay, nay.

Each time this comes up for your review, no matter what it is, it is an opportunity for you to see another belief you have about some thing that does not serve you or the world.  You can all do yourselves a great favor or disservice depending on how you continue to view everything that shows up around you.  These occurrences are opportunities.

Do not choose to get blown away by the energy that you feel to disagree or disapprove or any use of your energy to resist what is.  It is a waste of your precious energy best used for keeping yourself whole as the One rather than fragmented into little areas of belief in this or disbelief in that.  Many of  your beliefs are based on old ways of being on what you have been taught and no longer serve you and the planet.  You can see where it has gotten all of you.  It is brand new now.

Hold on and wait.  Do not jump into this or that cause.  Wait!  Keep your energy field intact for you will need it for the upcoming work of healing the planet and bringing about peace.  Many systems are in breakdown mode so be at peace in the midst of it rather than wasting time and energy on every passing thing that comes your way.  You have a mission.  You all do.  Remain at peace through all of it, through all the disturbances.  Do not add your energy to it.  Stay intact.  Stay strong.

You will receive instruction as you move along.  Have no fear.  Fear fragments your energy.  You cannot afford to do that at this time.  Your energy field is needed to keep the field of the planet as high as possible at this critical time.  Many changes are in the works

You need not try to change anything or make anything happen.  Be with it as it is, watch it, watch yourself.  No matter which side of an issue you are on, it is still a side not the whole thing and will fragment your peace.  So choose not to choose sides.  Choose love. Choose to stay in your wholeness and watch it all without becoming embroiled.  This will serve you best and the planet because the peace on the planet starts with peace in your own heart, and change will happen. Remember the work that Gandhi accomplished. Be the peace and love you want to see in the world. YOU ARE LOVED WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE.

WRITING 1-4-21

Beloveds, I’m not sure where we go from here. I am listening to the Course in Miracles every morning and it is making me feel somewhat separate from this world, from all of what I know as a familiar territory and I am moving into something new – a new way of being here in the world – knowing I am in the Light. I and everything else are in the Light. Please explain that more for us. Thank you.

The Light is all around you so it permeates you as well. There is no place that the Light is not. Your perception of all of this world and its sickness, sorrow, suffering keeps you focused on that. Rather than observing it, you climb into it and make it very real for you. Being in the world and not of it is no easy task if you attempt to do it alone. However, you know you are never alone, and the world is here for you to experience and recognize it is not the real world; and be open to seeing and being in the real world, the world of your spirit, the world of the Holy Spirit, the only true world there is. 

Everything you are doing now, all the meditations, and the groups that you participate in can keep you here in this world if you are not aware that they are also part of this world of appearances. However, around all of that is the peace of God. Witness the peace dove singing outside your window. That is her gift here on this realm to be the peace that she sends out every day with the sound of her song as she sings and sings wherever she finds herself. 

That is your gift to sing and sing wherever you are and not get sucked into this world that will show you only suffering. You can see with new eyes when you realize you are swimming in the Light already and none of the courses, etc. will get you closer to that. 

It is at some point that you wake up and feel the Light, and know you are the Light. That is Who you are. It is not an easy thing to get there because there are so many blocks to that awareness in the form of suffering families, financial concerns, relationship concerns, on and on. However, you do have a tool at hand in every moment which is do not make it real for yourself by climbing into it and trying to fix it. That is not your job. Your job every day is to remember Who you are, that you are here to be love in every circumstance.

That is not easy because there is much to judge in this world if you get caught in it. Even what you see with the harm being done to the planet, with everything out there that you would like to see changed. It is all part of this world and that is not the highest truth.You create it over and over again with your thoughts that all of that is either something you agree with or disagree with. It simply is and you get to choose to be with it in whatever way you choose to every day. You can be the observer aware of what is going on or you can jump in and fight it or agree with it. Either way you have created a side to be on and thus made yourself suffer over what is happening. That is not why you are. 

You are here to bring joy into it all. Can you feel joy bubbling to the surface right now? If not, then you are feeling like you are separate from the joy, not recognizing that is what you are. You are the joy, the love, and the peace you want. Just let yourself be just as you are without trying to change anything. When you stop trying to change, what you want to change will all fall away and the truth of it all, the peace, love, joy will be there. It has never gone anywhere.

Sending Love and LIGHT, Patricia
Patricia Conte-Nelson
No matter what the question, love is the answer.