I read something about a man who was about to jump off a bridge.  As he jumped, he realized everything he was concerned about could be fixed, except his jumping.  

What did I have to learn from that?  It made me stop and think about my own concerns and how I can choose to be with them.  I can see that everything is an opportunity to be fully present in each situation, being kinder and more compassionate.  I can even be more understanding of what the other is going through because we truly are all One.  What I do to another goes through me first.  

I can see our relationships as opportunities to let go of our old ways of being and reacting, knowing that we are learning and growing through everything.   Ultimately, all works for the best and highest good.  Even what appears to be a challenge on one level has hidden blessings for us, which we were not aware of when we were experiencing them.  

With everything we are going through right now in the world around us, we are seeing how connected we all are. Our awareness is growing, bringing with it patience and willingness to see from the highest perspective that God is in the midst of everything, as us, and within us.  

A friend has a Science of Mind bracelet that says, “God is disguised as me.”  That’s what makes us all One. What a great reminder!  In that consciousness, we can see the good in every situation.  

Happy Easter – Everywhere You Look Is a Bit Of God

Today when I asked what would be helpful to share on this auspicious Easter Sunday, this is what I randomly turned to in Tuning In To Spirit. It is on Page 68 if you have the book.

You go forth in peace from this moment forward. Share this Covenant.

“I let go of the past and I AM FREE to live the happy, secure and fulfilling life that is mine as a child of God. As I forgive myself and others, I make peace my only goal. I choose PEACE now!” ______________________________________ Signed

When you saw the rainbow falling across the pregnant belly of your friend, Lydia, it was a reminder of God’s covenant with each of us. You heard deep in your heart,

“Here! Here, is a little bit of me. Here is a little bit of me.”

As you look about you and see the Divine in everything, you feel a sense of peace. The hand of God is everywhere you look. In the flowers, trees, butterflies, bees, birds, in all creatures. All are the hand of God showing up reminding you here is a little piece of Me. The feeling of peace settles into the deepest part of your being as it dawns on you that everywhere you look is a piece of God. Even what appears to be awful has a piece of God in it.

As Light Workers, you can lift up everything you see into the Light by choosing to see God. By calling on the Divine in all circumstances, you bring your consciousness to a higher place. Rather than dwelling on what you see as negative, you can choose to raise your vision higher by seeing God smiling with eyes of love. You ask, “How do I see God smile with eyes of love”. Through the smiles you see on the faces of others, through the smile that looks back at you in the mirror, through looking out at nature that has been provided for your eyes and heart to rest upon in gratitude.

In feeling the Divine within your heart, you hear, “Here, here is a little bit of me”. You remember, I AM God in Action, and with a sigh of gratitude you lift the world. You spread this little bit of God everywhere you go with everyone you meet. In this way you make every day filled with love and light and empower others to follow their bliss into the heart of God.

Being In Stillness Is Our Oxygen Mask

We have been receiving a huge influx of Light for some time. It is a powerful time for us, and there is more light and energy available for us to do our spiritual work than ever before.

We have the opportunity to do some major karmic clearing.   It can bring up feelings of panic which is just old stuff coming up to be cleared.  It can bring on extreme tiredness which is the body absorbing and recalibrating the new vibration so lying down and resting will help the body experience it with grace and more ease.

Since we are aware of what is going on, we don’t have to take it personally and assume there is something wrong with us. Instead we can create the habit of flowing with it and resting.  The pace is being picked up even more energetically, so it’s important to have the habit of taking as much time for stillness and spaciousness as possible so we don’t get overwhelmed.  It is a matter of allowing us to be emptied in our quiet prayer time as we surrender everything  to the Divine and feel the spaciousness of that.

We can breathe into this clearing energy and let it flow through us.  We don’t have to experience it as slamming into us which is what we are seeing in the world around us now.  If we are coming from stability and stillness, we can open to it rather than getting overwhelmed.  Staying centered in this way will help us help others who may be feeling overpowered by the energy of so much coming up to be cleared.

If we don’t feel spiritually connected ourselves, we have nothing to offer others. So, our first step is to put on our own oxygen mask without getting out of breath ourselves, just the way we do on an airplane so we can see clearly what our next step is. 

We can prepare and hold the intention that we are as open and clear as possible so we can be channels for this energy to flow through for ourselves and for others.  Being in stillness and spaciousness is our oxygen mask.  Through stillness and spaciousness, we will know what is ours to do. 

You are loved with an everlasting love.


This is a very personal writing. I am being guided to share it with you because in some way, it may resonate with you also. Love, Patricia xo:)

Beloveds, Beloved Creator, here it is the end of the month and this month was really eventful.  So much of a synchronistic nature has occurred. I was going to write about it and here it is the end of the month already and I have not kept track of everything that happened along the way. My plan was to write about how our moving to Venice, Florida has flowed with grace and ease in divine timing and order with so much help along the way from so many people and angels every step of the way.

What should we write of today?

How’s about starting with regret, dear child of God.  You have a lot of regret about a lot of things and you just keep attracting more to regret with every regret you review in your mind.  Really choose to see everything differently.  It is all an opportunity to learn.  There is no room for regret in the learning process you are all involved in here on this dimension in this reality. That is what it is all about.  It is all an opportunity to learn from it.  How can you learn from it if you do not experience it and see how it makes you feel?  You will do it until you don’t.  Can you be OK with this?  Apparently not because you keep right on regretting in the face of all our admonitions not to.  So, let’s start over again today.  

There is no room for regret in the midst of all the blessings surrounding you.  Keep focusing on all the blessings and there will be no room for regret in your mind and your heart.  Have a beautiful day.  You are truly loved with an everlasting love so be awash in it.  Feel it in the very depths of your being and it will all be healed.  The pain in your back is from creating burdens you carry in the form of regrets about what you think you should or should not have done.  Be done with it now forever. 

When you see that you are wallowing in regret, pick yourself up by your bootstraps.  Literally go to the depths of your being and pull it out.  How do you do that.  By planting seeds of gratefulness for all you see that is so good in your life and around you starting with a husband that really loves you so keep him happy, healthy and wise by not choosing to correct him or tell him what he should or should not do.  You will be spending a lot of time together now that he is retiring so be with him in a loving, understanding way for what he is going through.  Do not point things out to him that will upset him needlessly.  

So, have a beautiful God filled day by looking around you and seeing all the amazing blessings you have in your life and the way it is all flowing and will continue to flow.  Just let it flow and see what happens, how much actually gets done each day and support him in whatever he decides to do.  This is much more difficult for him than you because after all it is your idea to move and sell the house and go to Florida.  Be in total gratitude that it has come into fruition.  It is a testimony to your singlemindedness.  Be single minded about your life now.  Say over and over, “My life is flowing with grace and ease in divine timing and order.  Thank you, God, for all our blessings.”

Turn The Other Cheek

It is almost the last day of 2019 and this is the writing I am being guided to share as we move forward into 2020.

Remember you are all here for a higher purpose than you may realize. You are multidimensional beings made up of your spiritual nature and your physical nature.

In pondering that request to remember we are here for a higher purpose, I remembered there is a passage in the Bible, which asks us to “turn the other cheek” and what that means in the deepest sense. When we look at the world from our physical perspective, we see struggle and strife and many areas in life and on the planet that are not working together. We can choose to turn the other cheek to our spiritual nature and ask ourselves what can I do to contribute to the love, the peace, the grace and ease in my life and on the planet.

We can be the love we want to see in the world because it is already in our hearts. We can find that space in our heart where love is unconditional rather than based on what someone does or doesn’t do. Love in its deepest sense of the word is being as you are created to be. Our spiritual nature is love; therefore, so are we.

We are created to bring forth our spiritual nature into the world of the physical. When we forget we have a spiritual nature and attempt to live simply by our own wits, it is a difficult road to follow. Life requires we tune in to our spiritual nature and live from there, listening for guidance on how to live. Listening requires some quiet time so we can hear above the busyness of our lives and the challenges of the world.

Resentment, anger, frustration over life and unforgiveness can cover up the listening and the love in our spiritual nature can seem far away. We have a choice every day as to which side of our nature we tune into. As we choose to tune into that multidimensional being that we are, love flows into the world around us from our own hearts as we let it all be as it is and ask our spiritual nature how can I be more love in this situation and choose to be that.

We can start where we are with the smallest thing. It’s like a muscle that gets stronger and stronger the more we use it. Start with a pet, or something easy to love like a baby, a child or nature and move on from there. Finally take on the more difficult things like family issues, the world around us and across the planet.

We can be the compassion, kindness, understanding and love that seem to be missing We can allow it all to flow from our hearts everywhere randomly so it touches everything our eyes rest upon and beyond. This way of being in life is so worthwhile because it raises our vibration so we can be the light of the world as the spiritual being we are at the deepest part of our being.

Together let’s turn the other cheek and be the face of love, kindness, compassion and understanding wherever we find ourselves. Let’s show that face to the world and live into it. Be it, feel it and it is so.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Beloved Beings of Light, gratitude is the highest energy there is.  Thanksgiving fills the heart and removes all else from our consciousness for it is so far reaching that it consumes everything else. 

It is time for massive waves of thankfulness, of gratitude to sweep the planet; yet, it seems that it is just the opposite.  It is up to us, the light workers of the planet and beyond, to gather our energies together to prove that the attitude of thankfulness, of gratitude is what will heal the hearts of humanity, the planet and beyond.  We can do it together. 

There is no time and space; there is only the ever present now and it is resourceful in ways we cannot even anticipate, so surrender to it.  Allow it to carry you in ways you will not know how to express enough gratitude for.  It WILL do this. Have an absolute knowing in your heart that this will be so, and it will be so.  We can do this.  You know you can.  At some level it is already a fact for it is the Truth of Who we are.  The Divine lives in us and in every human being at our core.

We are the Divine’s hands and feet.  Where we stand is holy ground.  It is up to us to stay aware of that, stay connected to It and express It in our own lives.  We can choose to be kinder, have more love, understanding, compassion, peace and joy right where we are now in this present moment with everyone.  

When we see that we are acting unlike our true reality, we have a choice. We can continue thinking about that which pulls our energy down and surrounds us with that energy, or we can say, enough.  Not again.  That is over.  The Divine lives in me, is What I am.  I can be that. I am that right now, right here in this present moment. 

Beloved light workers, please know this.  We have the power within us to declare it to be so, and it will be so.  We must continue to keep our energy focused on being the Divine’s hands and feet.  At the deepest part of our being we already are That.

So, let’s be Who we really are, express It wherever we are and change the world in this way through what we do right this moment.  Think it, feel it, do it and let that be our message of gratitude.  We are the love of God in action that we want to see in the world and so it is. 



After choosing this writing this morning, I started affirming to myself with deep feeling, No matter what happens, I am experiencing it all with a joyful loving heart. I asked my Guides, “Why do I do what I don’t want to do, and not do what I want to?” The following was the reply.

The perennial question, dear one. You are on the human level in a human body with lots of deeply embedded patterns that are working themselves out this lifetime.

Let it unfold as it will and just be with it as it unfolds. Your experience of all of it with awareness of what’s happening is key. You have for some time been “watching” this process.  Continue to do so remembering joy is why you are here. Joy is the greatest service you can provide to others and to this planet for it has such a high vibration that it pulls everything else up with it. This is the master plan and you are all participating in it valiantly. Day by day you continue and you do the best you can. This is all you can do.

Where improvement can happen is when you “see” what you have done or not done, be kinder to your self with the realization you are doing the best you can at a human level. This is important because your own vibration depends on it. You cannot be vibrating to joy when you are telling yourself how you “should” have done or not done something in a harsh way.

You do what you do until you don’t. Can you be OK with this? The more you feel you are doing something wrong, the more you are empowering it with your energy and you keep it going. Let this writing be the healing it is meant to be.

Focus on the inner joy that is already within you bubbling to the surface when you are not telling yourself you “should” do better. You can all be shining lights for one another by practicing self-acceptance and self-love by realizing Who you are.

You are the hands and feet of your God Self. You are Divine here experiencing being human with all the patterns. So not wanting those patterns is a waste of your precious energy. Simply experience it all with an open mind and an open, joyful loving heart.

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Namaste, (I honor the Light within you)

You may be noticing the energy has increased and become even more powerful. We are moving deeper into awakening to our Oneness with all that is. What an incredible gift!

As we remember to ask and communicate with the Divine from moment to moment, life flows with grace and ease.  We find ourselves becoming more silent.  The more silent we are, the more powerful our personal energy will become.  Even upsets are short-lived as we see there really is no other out there.  There is only the Divine showing up in a myriad of forms.

As we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, we awaken to our Oneness which shows up as kindness, compassion and understanding for everyone and everything.  We experience deep abiding unconditional love and joy which is our true nature.


Beloveds, what can we do when we see our families struggle with the dilemmas and challenges in their lives.

You can pray for your families, because it is up to them to resolve what you perceive as dilemmas and challenges as they interact with one another, without putting yourself in the middle of what is going on with them.  It is about what they are each guided to do from within their own hearts. 

Your desire is to bring them together in peace and harmony.  However, you can help most by staying out of the actual “stuff “of it all and simply loving and praying for them. Visualize them all together as a family caring for each other; seeing them hugging, holding hands, smiling, being together, and visiting one another, celebrating together.  

There is much work to be done at an unconscious level around ways of being and interacting with one another.  Whether families decide to do the work NOW is up to them in their own timing.

Your work is to love them all exactly the way they are.  Simply remember that each is on their own path, so just be with each one and release your desire to fix them.  Keep visualizing them whole, happy, caring for each other and filled with love.  Your role is to envision their wholeness.  Not an easy one when you want to step in and help everyone.  

Prayer does work, you know, so keep praying and trusting that all is flowing in divine timing and divine order. Prayer will strengthen your own faith in the Light, the Higher Power, God within each one and in all things. 

Our closing words to all are to be the caretaker of your own life. When you focus on caretaking others to the exclusion of yourself, you are doing a disservice to yourself and the others.

 It is really all coming together in divine timing and divine order, you know, as much as it looks like it is falling apart.  We love you all with an everlasting love. 


One of the slogans I have been working with is “Keep an Open Mind.” That is not easy for someone who tries to control the outcome of everything around her. My aim, of course, is to “love what is” which requires an open mind. This has been a lifelong opportunity/challenge for me and I’m sure for many others. Giving up control is not easy when you’ve been doing it for years.

A perfect example of that is what happened this morning. I am away for the weekend visiting a friend in NH, and spoke to my husband, Bob, on the phone. I asked him what he had for dinner last night and he said that he had pizza. At one time I would have responded, I hope you had a salad too. However, I have made some positive changes along the way and refrained from saying anything in response because what he had for dinner is none of my business. Positive changes really are being made because tonight I didn’t even ask what he had for dinner. That is his choice without me checking up on him to make sure he ate what I think is a healthier choice.

Synchronicities abound. This morning I pulled a mug out of the cupboard and it was exactly what’s been going on. It was the only mug there. It has a drawing on the side of a character smiling out at me and it said, “Want to Know how you can be proud of me every day? Lower your expectations.” I had to really smile at the synchronicity of that mug being the only one there and it applying to exactly what I was dealing with to keep an open mind, love what is and forget about expectations of what I think others should or shouldn’t do.

I can still have expectations for a beautiful, wonderful, joyous day, and at the same time be grateful for whatever shows up with an open mind and heart.

When I asked for comments, this is what came through.

You are right, it is time for you to give up attempting to control everything. So, the cup and the whole set up of what has been happening in your life and in the lives of many is exactly what is good for you to “see” and focus on. One of the writings in Volume 1 of Tuning In To Spirit actually says let those who have the eyes to see, see.

We will share here again that it is long past time for so much and yet there are so many who do not feel called to see or to think there is anything to see other than their old tired way of being and living. You would like to help them get out of their lethargy into more awareness.

There is a way to do this without being controlling. That is to love you and them just as you are and to hold the vision of good health and prosperity in whatever area it is needed. Simply let go and let God without forcing anything. You will see how much more it flows with grace and ease in divine timing and divine order.

The writing Keep It Simple and Surrender from Tuning In To Spirit addresses this so keep it simple and surrender by keeping an open mind and allowing others to go at their own pace without trying to change them. Also, look at where you are trying to fine tune everything to make it more perfect. It will save you from a lot of wear and tear on your body and you will have a lot more energy to do what really is yours to do.

Simply stay tuned to what your spirit has in store for you, rather than focusing on all the things that need to be corrected or changed in your family, friends or in the world at large.