You can listen here to some of my meditations.

Meditation is an inspired way of going within to the deepest part of your being, your true self. It can bring you closer to your spiritual connection, to serenity, clarity and wisdom in the midst of the ebb and flow of your day. Feel free to tune in here any time for a few moments of inspiration as you breathe into the quiet and stillness. This will be ongoing as I post more meditations.

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Beloveds this is the meditation that I did at Unity on Cape Cod in Hyannis this past Sunday.

I was guided to share it with all of you my meditation so here is a link to it so that you can actually hear it. Now you can tune into anytime you would like a guided meditation for five or so minutes to start or end your day.

Meditation by jack Leyden on releasing judgement.

There are five other meditations and a video there as well that you can listen to anytime. May it bring you peace and comfort with every breath you take in every moment. Have a wonderful day.

Surrender and be here in the sanctuary of your heart.  Let Spirit breathe you as you remember I am whole, I am Holy, I am Spirit, I am the beloved, I am a Light worker.

I am the one who came to be love on the planet to fulfill God’s plan of love and light.

Let yourself rest in it now.  Let the love that you are heal every cell of your body, every part of your being. Surrender to the I Am within you.

Done on Valentine’s Day, this meditation will inspire you to rest in the heart, to be renewed in every cell, every fiber of your being in the endless sea of love within and share it with the world around you.

As you tune into the breath of God that lives and breathes you, you are revitalized as you become more connected to the divine you already are. You remember in every moment, I rest in God now and always. I know Who I am and I am reminded every day as I connect with my true self.

You are guided to begin the New Year with the lighting of three candles in your heart. The first candle is for those who have passed on who you will see again some day; the middle candle is for those who are in your life at the present time; and the third candle is for those who will be coming into your life. With all three candles ablaze in your heart, you will feel revitalized and ready to begin anew.