It is never easy to be in the eye of the storm and that is where you are right now. When in the eye of the storm, there is always a waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yet, the one thing that is a constant in all of this turmoil, no matter what, is that you are all spiritual beings. Your Spirit has never left the heart of God and guidance is always available to you.

You think there are special rituals and special ways to be spiritual beings. There is just be here alive, alert, awake, and ready to do the next thing that shows up for you to do. Just do it the best way you know how. Show up and do what is yours to do. Then watch for the next thing that shows up and what you are guided to do. Is it understanding, compassion, or kindness? Whatever it is, you already have it within you and the ability to do it well.

In each moment, be alert for what shows up for you to do and then be the Light in the midst of it. The key is to constantly and consciously accept and be aware that you are the Light of the world here in physical form. Not a lot of other stuff is needed, just be the LightIt sounds simple and it is if you let go of thinking you have to be the Light in a certain way.

There is no certain way. There is only being the Light you are right where you are being fully present to whatever you are feeling in the midst of all that is going on inside and around you. Are you uplifted, happy, sad, empathetic, or upset? It is important to breathe with any negative feelings that would close your heart to being the vehicle for the Light to flow forth from you.

You have many gifts to offer, and your best gift is being the Light consciously. How do you do this? On the cover of Tuning In To Spirit, there is a picture of being the Light. You see you have Light in every cell of your body, and your Light radiates out through the heart into the world. You have no other way of being that will bring you more joy.

Everything else will fall into place when you simply see that light in your mind’s eye and consciously be it. When you are doing it consciously, it is amplified 100-fold. So, visualize that Light everywhere flowing out of you and everyone. In that way, you are receiving the Light from others as well as radiating the Light to them. As it circles the world, it brings a peaceful way of being. As you breathe, you feel more peaceful and all your swirling emotions will calm as you rest in the Light.

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