Received from my Beloved Guides on 11-15-16 when I expressed concern about a situation in my life. 

Expectation of how you think things “should” be is a sure sign that you will fail to understand one another because you each have a different idea about what to expect. Some seek spiritual growth and that is fine.   However, just know this, it is all contributing to spiritual growth. No matter what you are doing, you are growing. You are seeing yourself in action and learning from that.

You may never change this lifetime into what you think you “should” do or be. However, simply know that just being here on this planet is your spiritual growth – just breathing and being here in a space of living and sharing the light of your being with everyone wherever you are.  It is all the same.

Only you think there is a difference but that is because you are experiencing duality, right and wrong, black and white.   You may say to yourself:  “This is what you should be doing; this is the right way; that way is not really for your highest good.” Those statements or thoughts can make you feel that you are not measuring up.

You may feel overwhelmed or whatever else it is that you feel. It is not a matter of whether you are overwhelmed or calm. It is your reaction to it that is key here.  Be with whatever you are feeling in a place of equanimity, of being with it, being with yourself. Love and accept yourself just the way you are.

Choosing to state that certain ways of feeling are better than other ways denies you access to feeling good about yourself no matter how you are feeling. It is all the same, an experience.

So simply be with whatever you are feeling.  It is not complicated. The human mind makes it very complicated. Ease up on yourself and be with what is no matter what is going on.

Your choice of words to name it overwhelm or wrong to feel the way you feel is what makes your feelings feel wrong. From a higher perspective it is not wrong. It is all an experience.  Stop and smell the roses in the middle of however you are feeling. 


Make friends with your adversary quickly.

Making friends with your adversary quickly is really a benefit to you, your soul, your life, and in every way, for the very same reason we speak of always; which is that everything is energy. When you embroil yourself in things that will pull your energy field down, you pay the consequences in multiple ways.

First of all, it is not beneficial to your health because you are constantly focused on what is not working in your life and making yourself a target for more things not to work in your life. It may be only a little thing in some cases.  However, energy wise it is always a big thing because your energy is all that you have on this realm to keep you safe from the constant flow of negative reactions and ways of being that are always swirling around you.

You have the capacity to go within and experience how it feels to entertain issues that are negative in any way; it feels really bad. So, get in touch with how much worse it will feel when you engage in negativity with someone that you feel is taking advantage of you, using and abusing you, or doing anything that smacks of negativity.

We are not saying to allow yourself to be physically or emotionally abused, or to stay in relationships where you are hurt in any way. All we are saying is to be aware that whatever you actually do that entertains the negativity, by resisting it, is going to have repercussions in your life in some way. It is for you to decide if it is worth it. Is what you are fighting for worth the negative impact of taking on your adversary? Or could you let it go by bringing the angels in to do their work and let them figure out how to deal with it? You keep your energy free of all that would consume you in any way other than being a bearer of the light and growing the light on this realm, which is what you came to do. It is your biggest job; your mission this lifetime is to grow the light. Being consumed with negativity does not help you to grow the light around you.

Your Highest Purpose

Wednesday, 10-19-16

I was away for a few days and made a decision to let something go that I had taken on and received this message from my guides.  It feels very freeing.

Good choice, Child of the Light. You allowed some space for you these last few days, and you got in touch with what it would feel like if things were easier, if you weren’t filled with things to do back to back; and you could rest more, be in the stillness, read more, and just be in a space of consciousness without every moment being filled up with things to do.

So how does everyone learn to live this way? There are many things which are not yours to do that you just assume and take on because they show up in your life. This is not so. Everyone has 24 hours a day to live, and play, and sleep, and eat, and work; and you can only do so much with it.

When you take on too much in one area of your life, it shortchanges the other areas of your life. You, and your life, and way of being, pay for it in some way. So look at the areas of your life that suffer because of the fact that you fill every available moment with something to do that is not necessarily yours to do, AND LET IT GO.

There is so much joy in the world if you have the eyes to see it, if you take the time to enjoy it. So do just that. See with new eyes and fill your day with loving, joyful things to do. Then everything you do becomes loving and joy filled. If you have filled up your day with too much to do that feels stressful or hard, then it seeps over into the rest of your life and everything feels stressful or hard. So choose wisely to let go of what does not serve YOUR HIGHEST PURPOSE: TO FILL THE WORLD AND YOUR OWN HEART WITH LOVE AND JOY. 

Offering a Hand to a Hand

Hi all, this writing just “popped up” out of the blue for me to read today.  
It originally was shared with us by my beloved guides back on 11/21/13
and is even more pertinent today given our world and political situation.  
It’s such a wonderful reminder.  

Time is of the essence on your realm because things on your planet are

moving faster and faster.  All is not well from one perspective because

it looks and feels like things as you know them are falling apart.  From a

different perspective you can see life is sorting itself out.  You are moving

from one way of being and seeing to another.

As a result, it looks like things as you knew them are falling apart, the

educational system, the political system.  Even many religious beliefs are

changing to a more spiritual way of being in the world.  Not an eye for an eye

but offering a hand to a hand to be of service to one another and the planet

without thinking your way is the only right way.

Your perspectives and horizons are widening to be inclusive rather than

exclusive.  You can see easily how that would shift life on this planet.  It is

fostering and engendering the heart being more accepting of what is and

yet not allowing yourself to be apathetic.  Apathy is lack of interest or

motivation.  Accepting is accepting life, knowing in the long run all is well;

there is a divine purpose.

With the Divine all things are possible even saving planet earth, beloved

Gaia, from extinction.  She will be saved and so will you.  You are not alone.

All the spirit world around is at hand to assist as you move toward a deeper

realization of your divine nature, of oneness with one another at the core of

your being where you are all divine.

Healing Is An Inside Job

There is no place you have to go to receive healing.  It is an inside job and that is where you will find not only the healer to work with but the healing will occur more rapidly because there is no digging for what to heal.

Every moment is a moment in which to heal. You can do it each time you see yourself second-guessing and judging yourself, telling yourself that you should have done something differently. That is a really damaging thing to do to yourself because it reinforces the very first wounding no matter what the timing of it was or where or when or what lifetime.

Second guessing and judging yourself is here in this moment for you to feel and see, for when you feel it and see how badly it feels, how demoralizing, how it tears at your self esteem and self worth, you can have compassion for yourself and ways to heal show up for you. The major one is to love yourself, rather than judge and condemn yourself for doing or not doing something you judge as incorrect, and you damn yourself for it, wishing you had done it differently.

Regret is one of the most anger motivating things you can do to yourself because you feel upset and angry with yourself. Then you take that anger and upset out on the world around you. There is no peace in you as long as you feel regret, for regret will destroy your peace of mind. All that you may feel regret about happened yesterday or the day before, somewhere in the past. Only you can choose to bring it into the present moment by thinking you should have done it differently and being angry at yourself because you did not do it the way you think you “should have.” There is no healing in that, only more to add to the regret.

What to do is not simply being aware of it but also being with it, being willing to sit with it and see how it makes you feel and moving it from that space of damaging yourself with your angry hurting thoughts to an understanding you were doing the best you could at that moment.

Damning yourself is like slapping a little child for making a mistake. Just be there – yes, AND FEEL IT and understand that the action to take is love yourself without a shadow of a doubt that you are loved. You are loved beyond words. It is only something you can feel when you have inner peace and feel the gentleness within your own heart that would reach out and heal you as well as those in your world. Feel it. Love it. Be the love you want to feel. Just feel how soft it feels to float in this space of gentleness, of inner calm and peace.

That is where the healing lies for you. In that gentle space within you, to just be with it, to sit in it, to let it wash over you and be washed clean of all judgment of yourself, which will lead to NO judgment of others.

And so the world is healed, one healed loving heart at a time, and your work will be the work the Lightworkers have come to share with others. Light warriors you are not because you are not making war on anything.   You are making love to the world around you, feeling their pain and suffering and offering them a hand up out of the hell where they live in their pain and misery of self hate. Self hate only brings you to more anger and hatred and that is exactly what you want to heal. So heal right now by loving deeply that feeling within you.  Go within where all true healing occurs.


Be the One to Love First

I just updated the About Me section of my website and decided to share the update with all of you.

As an Interfaith Minister, I am passionate about the spiritual path we walk together.   I am  dedicated to staying conscious of the Truth that the life force in us is the Divine living and breathing in us. It is my intention to continually remember and help others to remember that we are here to awaken to our Divine essence, to our true nature, to our connection to all that is, to one another, to our oneness because the Divine that is in me and you is in everyone. What we do to others and to our planet, we do to ourselves.

Let us be the peace, the love and the change we want to see in the world. It starts in our own hearts, in our way of being and living with one another.

Whoever is reading this right now, I invite you to walk this path with me. Together we can extend love to the world, one person at a time. That’s how we begin to heal the world by being the love we want to see right where we are. Have you been looking for others to love you first before you’ll commit to loving them just the way they are? I invite you to be the one to love first.


Freedom on this Independence Day

What can we declare ourselves free from today on this Independence Day?

We can declare ourselves free from the constant need to do more, be more, get more and deal with what is at hand right now in our lives, which is lack of inner peace.  That is what is under the need for many of the “mores” in our lives.  What is it that we truly want?  Ask yourself that.  For each of us, it will appear to be different on the surface, but under the initial question of what do I want is another question.  What is important to me in my life?  Why am I here?  What do I want my life to stand for?

Is it freedom – freedom from what?  Many will say freedom from stress.  What drives stress is the “be more, have more” attitude that has infiltrated the culture in many places unless you are in a country where your very existence is threatened by no food or war all around you. Then your desire is for freedom from that.  That is about survival.

In the case of many people, it is not survival that has captured our attention.  It is having  more money, more peace of mind, more happiness, all the things that seem to mean something to us.  But then ask what is under that need.  It is a need to be liked, approved of and loved.  We want to be loved and cared for and to care about something or someone.

Many do not feel loved enough and that stems from lack of self-love.  We don’t like ourselves because it is this self that drives us to be more so we will like ourselves.  It is a vicious cycle so what do we do about it?  We be here now in the midst of it without trying to dull our senses with some addictive behavior we use not to feel our feelings.

Most of the time we want to fill up that feeling that feels like a hole inside of us.  It feels like pressure but that is what emptiness feels like.  It is pressure and we want to get rid of that feeling of pressure and be enough.

How do we do that? Just be with it without trying to push it away.  Pushing it away is a killer.  It only makes it stronger in us and then we want to escape from that and we push harder.

The next thing to do will show up.  You will do it, and the feeling may or may not still be there, but it doesn’t matter.  It will just be there as it is; and you will or you won’t be aware that it is there.

Can you feel yourself wanting to do something, to get busy?   Good observation.   Just be aware of it.  That’s all.  Letting it be there is true freedom, not thinking there is something you have to do to be more. You can be at peace in the middle of the feeling of unrest. You can be free exactly where you are, as you are.

Please feel free to make comments about this writing.


“What’s important is you make the leap.  Jump high and hard with intention and heart.”  – Cheryl Strayed.”

My work is about cutting off the negative feeding tube and providing a new  blueprint  chiefly the TRUTH.  That the universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating. It has come to my attention that there’s still some slacking going on in our muscle memory. That’s the phenomenon where we create a physiological blueprint. Our brains send a memo to our body that triggers our central nervous system, our muscles, our tendons, joints, etc. to perform automatic movements. There’s a continuous feedback loop from your brain to your muscles and back.

So I’ve developed this series of calisthenics to train your body, your muscle memory, if you will, to “get excited, get, get excited.” That’s a line my cheerleading squad boisterously yelled in junior high. Yes, I was an Ark City Puppy cheerleader. Don’t laugh! The high school mascot was a bulldog.

So, I hope you’re hearing the James Brown song, “I feel good, so good” playing in your head about now.

Exercise # 1: Pump your fist in the air with complete glee. Repeat five times.

Exercise #2: Pretend you’re a Latin American soccer player who just made a goal. In the finals. When the score is tied.

Exercise #3: Fist bump at least six people daily.

Exercise #4: Do the Harlem Shuffle on your way to the bathroom in the morning. Before your brush your teeth.

Exercise #5: High-five everyone you see. I can’t tell you how much fun this one is. We do it in my hometown every time our college basketball team wins the NCAA tournament.

Exercise #6: Go outside and stretch your arms wide to salute the sun that comes up everyday without you having to pay for it or ask it to.

For more inspiration and exercises, go see the movie, Frances Ha. Greta Gerwig is a maestro at leaping across streets, dancing in public and keeping her muscle memory happy.

And it never hurts to re-watch this exuberant Flash Mob that surprised the Big O.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

Children of the Light – Awaken

In a course I facilitated I was guided to share this wonderful reading from Rev. Dr. Kay Hunter’s little book, Children of the Light, Inspirational Reading for Today. Everyone loved it and asked for a copy of it so I was guided to post it on my Blog to share with all of you. Have a blessed day, beloved ones, Patricia

“Children of the Light…Awaken! Doubt no more that which you are. You are the Breath of God – the Spirit of All Life. As you breathe in Love, that energy of good fills every cell of your Being. As you breathe out Love, you touch all within your space and they too are awakened. Be at One with your God, yourself, and all around you. It is in that oneness, forgiveness stirs the soul. That in turn, urges the heart to forgive all things done, all things undone. Remember, Dear Ones: Love – like God – is All there is. Love – like God – is beyond all limits that you can build. Love – like God – in truth, is All there is.” Thank you Rev. Kay for this profound reading.

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

This was just so good that I’m passing it on to you just the way I received it.  It’s from Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay  House.  You know how things keep coming to you when it’s time to really hear something and “get it” so it can make a positive difference in your life.  They call that “getting it” an “aha” moment because it shifts your perception and you begin to see people and the world with more understanding and loving eyes.  Well, this morning I was observing myself in one of my patterns, old beliefs about something, and how it was affecting my life every day by bringing up something for me to continue to be upset about, to be “right” about.  That upset can color the rest of my day today if I let it and keep thinking I’m right and continue the upset – or I can continue being aware of it rather than reacting to it – and that will color my day in a positive, uplifting way – so it can unfold with more grace and ease.  So I practiced for a bit just being aware of it and lo and behold, grace pops right in – and when I go to my computer, there’s the message again from Reid Tracy.  His message really reinforced  my seeing myself in action more clearly.  It also reinforced how much grace I actually receive all through the day when I have the eyes to see it.  We keep getting messages until we actually “get it.”  Happy  “getting it” today, beloved family and friends.  With love, Patricia  (Enjoy Reid’s message – it will change our lives so we experience more peace and less upset.)

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” — Epictetus

Lately I have noticed sometimes things I believe or what others may believe just isn’t the truth. It is funny how we get ourselves to truly believe things are fact when indeed they are not fact at all.

Recently, I sent a letter to a longtime business partner giving them legal notice about not renewing a contract with them. It explained that although we weren’t renewing the original contract, I wanted to figure out a way we could continue to work together and that there was a chance some of the original plans I had in mind would fall through, but I still wanted to keep my options open as we moved forward.

From that letter the recipient concluded we had an alternative motive to take something from them and we didn’t value their contribution for the past 7 years. They had to protect their own interests above all else. You get the idea. They came up with many beliefs that were truly believed valid, but in fact were all very false. Due to these beliefs we ended our business relationship, which only happened because no matter what the former business partner was told by me as well as other Hay House representatives, he chose to stay defensive and stick with his core incorrect beliefs.

After this situation occurred, I thought back to how many times I personally made false beliefs my reality when dealing with personal relationships or other business ventures at Hay House and unfortunately, many came to mind.

So as I move through 2016, I am going to try and pay special attention when I make judgements about certain circumstances. I will make sure the beliefs I form in those circumstances are indeed the real truth and not just a truth I have invented.

Louise Hay always says, “Your thoughts create your life!” Now I see how those thoughts can get on the wrong track pretty easily. You have to be on the look out to make your thoughts positive and for the higher good. Next time you find yourself questioning someone’s intention, trust your instincts, but make sure to ask questions first. The world isn’t bad and people don’t always have ulterior motives. Let’s try to not judge until we actually know the full truth of any situation.

Wishing you the Best, 

Reid Tracy, CEO

Hay House