Dear Ones, as I was doing another writing just now, I was looking for something on my computer, and this popped up from a writing I did on this blog back on May 24, 2013. It is also in my book, Tuning In To Spirit on Page 83.  I’m sure there’s a reason it showed up right now so I’m taking it to heart and I’m sharing it with all of you.  Feel free to comment if it applies to anything you are experiencing or if there is anything you would like to add.  Love and miracles, Patricia 


Posted on May 24, 2013 by Patricia Conte-Nelson
Love yourself.  Send love to all the hurting places in your body.  Whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it is all the same.  It is showing up as pain.  Ultimately every thing that is physical initially had its roots in some subconscious call from your body to slow down, to listen and become aware of the ache in your heart or somewhere in your being.
You can push things down for just so long, even years, but eventually it will show up in some way.  Accepting yourself and life as it is can help.  When you block your flow of energy, of life force from flowing through your body, eventually it creates a blockage wherever the energy is stuck and not flowing.
Energetically you can even attract certain things to you that cause physical pain.  No matter what it is, there is something behind it energetically.  Changing your energy by sending love and compassion to that area helps the energy to start moving again. 
Sometimes stronger measures are needed because the energy has been blocked and stuck for so long.  Ultimately attending to it and loving it is a major part of your healing process.  So let the healing process begin now.  Love, love, love and more love for self as well as all others is the best prescription for healing.
You are loved and appreciated.
Love and miracles, Patricia 

Reach Out A Helping Hand

Now is a time of huge repercussions and an amazing opportunity for all to stand steadfast in the faith they know to be true, which is that with God all things are possible.  It is a choice about where we choose to focus our attention.  Each day you have the opportunity to look at the world around you and see the death of the good or the rebirth of the good in the hearts of  everyone who is awakening at this time.  There are many who are awakening at this time.

As you all join together as one in the light, it is this very light that is sweeping across the planet transforming all into a place of light where you all reach out to one another a helping hand wherever you can.  Where you see a need, it is you that can step forward and be the hands and feet of God showing up to make the situation, no matter what it is, better because you chose to help in whatever way you could.

You all have some resource to contribute whether it is your time, talent or treasure.  It is there and it is up to you to see where it is that you can reach out a helping hand and assist others.  You can do it.  You really can.

Look around you and see where there is a need.  You can volunteer.  You can bring food to the food pantry, to the salvation army, to wherever it is in your town where they feed the hungry and the homeless.  You have so many resources at hand that you can bring to the table.

With all helping, no one will go hungry for food or spiritual sustenance.  Prayer is at the top of all of it.  Praying for the highest good of all is huge at this time so all are taken care of.

Perspective From Your Higher Self

As many of you know, my book, Tuning In To Spirit, is now on and I use it daily to give me guidance for the day.  As a result of the Writing I posted yesterday, I asked for guidance around that and opened the book randomly and this is the Writing I opened to. Each day no matter where I open, it is perfect for the needs of the moment.

It matters not the charge or upset or degree of it.  The person or situation you are having the charge around is being used as one more messenger showing you to yourself.  As you view all this from your Higher Self perspective, you see one more place within you that can get easily disturbed, easily thrown out of balance because you see it as something you disagree with.

All your old beliefs and patterns are coming up for you to see how attached you are to your way of viewing the world the way you think it should be – your own personal perspective of yay, yay, nay, nay.

Each time this comes up for your review, no matter what it is, it is an opportunity for you to see another belief you have about some thing that does not serve you or the world.  You can all do yourselves a great favor or disservice depending on how you continue to view everything that shows up around you.  These occurrences are opportunities.

Do not choose to get blown away by the energy that you feel to disagree or disapprove or any use of your energy to resist what is.  It is a waste of your precious energy best used for keeping yourself whole as the One rather than fragmented into little areas of belief in this or disbelief in that.  Many of  your beliefs are based on old ways of being on what you have been taught and no longer serve you and the planet.  You can see where it has gotten all of you.  It is brand new now.

Hold on and wait.  Do not jump into this or that cause.  Wait!  Keep your energy field intact for you will need it for the upcoming work of healing the planet and bringing about peace.  Many systems are in breakdown mode so be at peace in the midst of it rather than wasting time and energy on every passing thing that comes your way.  You have a mission.  You all do.  Remain at peace through all of it, through all the disturbances.  Do not add your energy to it.  Stay intact.  Stay strong.

You will receive instruction as you move along.  Have no fear.  Fear fragments your energy.  You cannot afford to do that at this time.  Your energy field is needed to keep the field of the planet as high as possible at this critical time.  Many changes are in the works

You need not try to change anything or make anything happen.  Be with it as it is, watch it, watch yourself.  No matter which side of an issue you are on, it is still a side not the whole thing and will fragment your peace.  So choose not to choose sides.  Choose love. Choose to stay in your wholeness and watch it all without becoming embroiled.  This will serve you best and the planet because the peace on the planet starts with peace in your own heart.


The Art of Self-Growth

I have been having a challenge with being loving.  I watch myself in the act of feeling unloving,  judgmental and perfectionistic; it does not feel good.  I have been avoiding judging myself about it and simply observing it and feeling the feelings.  What can you share with me about this situation that I find myself in where I feel judgmental and unloving?

You are in the right and perfect place to move to the next level of consciousness.  You already know this, so we are preaching to the choir here.  There is nothing you can do about this except be with it and watch yourself as you move through these feelings.  They will subside at some point, so for now just be with them.   See them and be the recipient of unconditional love from you to you.  That is all you can do in a situation like this; receive the love you give yourself and the understanding and compassion.

That is part of the art of self-growth, to simply observe it, and be with the judgment you may feel about yourself for not doing better with it.  You can only do as good as you do, knowing you are a wonderful work in progress on this third dimensional realm.  In truth, you need do nothing to change.  You are already the perfection of God.  However, on this realm, there is much that is being transformed, so simply allow the transformation to unfold as it does, and be with it and love yourself.

This is easier said than done because it does not happen overnight that you install a new pattern and let go of an old one.  An old judgement is the worst kind because it seems to be indelibly imprinted in your heart and mind.  Know this, it is not indelibly imprinted. This is not a permanent condition.  It is temporary and you have come a long way in changing it already.

The more you experience what you are experiencing, and simply be with it without judgment, the more healing takes place.  After a while, you will welcome these opportunities for going deeper and deeper into the heart of God, allowing all the old judgment to be removed by the Divine as It works through you as love to all around you.

Go in peace knowing you are loved with an everlasting love.

Please Pray with Me


Please pray with me. Let’s join in oneness and love as we visualize hurricane Irma’s energy lifted into the light and dissolved by our prayers as we join in oneness with this intention to make it so. Spiritual teacher and friend, Karen Paolino Correia, shared the prayer below in her newsletter this morning and asked us to pass it on so please do. Love, Patricia xo

“I continue to ask you and all my friends, spiritual healers and all those that want to see Irma’s energy slowed and transformed, to re-member with me your Divine True nature as a spiritual being. Proclaim your powerful birthright to transform energy and to join in oneness. Here is the proclamation if you would join me…

‘I declare in the name of the Divine That I Am, joined in oneness with our eternal Divine Family of masters, enlightened ones, and loved ones in Spirit, that the energy of Irma, be lifted into the Divine Energy of Peace, Love and Transmutation where it is brought to peace and where it no longer has its affects on the earth and all of its inhabitants. Keep all well, safe, and protected and in your Divine presence and peace. Watch over all right now around the world and help us move our focus from fear to faith, prayer, and love. We proclaim this and declare this to be so.’

I ask this with love for all of us as family. And so it is.

😇PLEASE SHARE so all join in the power of prayer and love.”

Discernment, Creativity and Contentment

Beloveds, Divine Mind that is God, I love you.  I was feeling bereft, and it has occurred to me it is the absence of staying connected to You through the Writings each day that contributes to feeling bereft, so I am coming back regularly to keep that channel open.  One of the things I have had on my mind is the angel cards I drew about discernment, creativity and contentment. What say you?

The angel cards are wonderful in their clearness.  It did not take us to evaluate for you their meaning.  It is so obvious that each word leads to the next; you must have creativity in your life to experience contentment, and you must use discernment to choose the path of creativity rather than the busyness that can envelop your life and take you off course.

The world seems to have gotten caught up in busyness of one kind or another.  Children are not allowed to be children playing outdoors and enjoying the freedom of their lives; they are so involved in all manner of sports and programs and other things, as well as their iPhones and social media that they are adults way before their time, with the amount of responsibility those things bring with them.

It is time to return to the sanity of taking respite times for the soul, and the body will benefit from that respite greatly.  Contentment in life is necessary.  One must feel that it is all right with the world within themselves, that they have a connection to the higher realms, and it starts right in their own hearts, not outside in something that is done to make you feel better.

That is how you get caught up in doing too much.  Because that which is really yours to do is for your and everyone’s highest good.  If you take on that which is not yours to do, you have no contentment and don’t do what your soul really wants to do.

The only thing that makes you feel better is your connection to your soul, to your spirit, to the divine that lives and breathes in you, through you.  How can you feel content when you feel separated from the voice that leads you each day into what is yours to do?  So the answer is to stay connected.

Prayer and Light

Writing 7-19-17 Prayer and Light

Beloveds, it appears that prayer is at the top of the list in helping people to stay centered in knowing they are never alone.  Wherever we are God is and all is well.  That recently became so clear to me that since God is in me then wherever I am God is too, as me.  Please elaborate more on that because it is such a comforting thought; and I am saying it more and more to myself and to others.

Good to do, beloved Child of God, because wherever you are God IS and ALL IS Well.  Think about that and take it into your heart because whenever you really know that, a feeling of comfort and security washes over you, pushing away all other thoughts and feelings unlike that beautiful thought and realization, which will bring you much comfort in the coming days of darkness that may seem to envelop everything.  But you can continue to know that the light is at the heart of everything and keep seeing the light in everything.

That is why the Golden Orb is so important right now because it is the light, and it is the light that is filling the world, releasing the darkness to be transformed by the light.  There are many light workers and many light meditations around the world like yours.  You are all sharing the light, wielding the light like sabers of light cutting through the darkness, leaving no room for selfishness and me-me motivated ways of thinking and being.

People are recognizing that what is bad for one is bad for all, and what is good for one has to be good for all in order for it to work.  There is no way it can be done otherwise, than to realize it has to be a win-win for everyone.

The countries who don’t know that will fall from within, so don’t waste your time thinking about them.  Instead, send the light wherever you see anything happening that appears to be heart breaking.  See the light, send a Golden Orb of Light, a shaft of amazing light.  Whichever way you visualize it in your mind’s eye, send it instantly so they begin to realize their oneness and learn to work together for the highest good of all.

Watch Your Words…And Your Thoughts

Writing 7-12-17

There is a part of you, your subconscious mind, that is always listening and brings to you that which you speak of.  You may name it good or bad, but the subconscious (SC) only knows what you say and gives it back to you.  So with that understanding, it is not only a good idea, it is a great idea to simply be conscious of the words that come out of your mouth.  And actually, to be aware of where you allow your thoughts to dwell for any length of time.

A perfect example of that is to be sitting in front of an open fireplace and a spark flies out onto your sleeve.  If you flick it off quickly, it does no harm.  If you do not, it will burn a hole in your sleeve.  It’s the same thing with your thoughts.  A thought comes into your mind; you either let it pass or you choose to dwell on it.  If it’s what you want to create in your life, keep it;  if not, flick it off.  Choose a thought that makes you happier, that fills your heart, that makes you feel good.  You get to choose.  A friend recently shared with me that in business, the trend is to hire happy people rather than only considering credentialed people.

Obviously you cannot control those random thoughts that come and go, come and go, all through the day.  You only have respite when you fall asleep and are in the land of unconsciousness, asleep in the higher realms of the ethers.  Some of us dream and some just fall into a deep sleep; however, it is of no consequence.  What is of consequence is the realization that you are a creating machine.

You create constantly either what you want or what you don’t want, so choose to focus on what you do want; and remember to choose from a place of gratitude, of giving thanks, for that which you want to attract into your life.  Gratitude is a great attracting factor with very powerful energy attached to it.  So why not be done with dwelling on thoughts that are not contributing to your highest good, which keep you focused on lack and limitation of what you think you do not have.

Actually we already have it.  We already have everything we need.  It is right there waiting for us to say thank you and allow it in.

We can practice that today.  How many times can we say thank you, thank you, thank you, and receive that which is already ours with an open mind and an open heart.

The Hummingbird Lesson

The thought (actually guidance from within) came to me that the hummingbirds would be coming soon and it was time to put out the hummingbird feeder and prepare the hummingbird water.  I forgot about it.  The very next day a hummingbird appeared at our home back window.   I forgot about it again.  A couple days later a hummingbird returned again and there was nothing for her.  So I finally did it.  I hope she comes back again and does not give up on us.  I asked the Beloved Guides about what I was to learn from this.

Here’s the answer I received from them:

Have faith, the hummingbirds will return, and you will enjoy them for the rest of the season. There is a very good lesson here.  You can call it the hummingbird lesson, and let it serve you well.  It is about receiving guidance and following it in a timely manner.   In this case acting on your guidance about the hummingbirds.  When you have a thought to do something, do it as soon as it needs to be done.  We have shared this with you many times.

The opportunity is there for you to hear guidance all the time. When you listen the very first time, it doesn’t have to come back, possibly with difficult ramifications.  It comes back as an opportunity for you to become a stronger and clearer channel for Spirit to come through as you listen to it and follow the guidance quicker and quicker.   Doing it clears your energy field so you don’t have this hanging around in your mind thinking that you have to do it.  It wastes so much energy.  When your mind is clear, you become more and more aware, a better listener and follower of your guidance from within.

The external is giving you the opportunity to actually see the guidance show up in your life. As you tune in quicker, your life is easier.   At that point more can be given to you to accomplish in the way of living your life with more grace and ease in divine timing and order.

There really is a divine timing and order.  Life does not have to be difficult.  It really can be easy when you tune in sooner and see the results in your life.  Guidance is happening all around you all the time. There are hummingbird lessons everywhere. They just look different. They are people, places, books, and so many other things that are constant reminders of what to do or not do.   So why not listen sooner, so the guidance doesn’t have to keep repeating itself or keep getting more difficult until you finally listen.   Life could be a lot easier than it is.

Try it for the next 24 hours, and see what happens when you get a thought (guidance from within) about doing something, and you actually do it, even the tiniest thing.  It will be a delightful surprise, and make you smile, and you will remember the hummingbird lesson.


Raising our Vibration

Dear Beloved Guides, I love you and love connecting like this. It fills me with love and a feeling of closeness to my Spirit through my connection with you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  What would you share this morning about life and all that is happening in the world?

No need to thank us; and at the same time it is good to be in gratitude because anything you express gratitude for increases.  You know like attracts like; and when you focus on what you are grateful for, your gratitude grows because more and more people, opportunities and things come to you to be grateful for.  It is as simple as that.

It may not be easy in the midst of what looks like dire circumstances happening all around you to be grateful.  However, take a moment now to think of anything you can be grateful for.  The keyboard and computer you are typing on, your fingers moving so nimbly across the keys, your very breath, your agenda for the day to see wonderful people.  And there is so much more, the trees you see out the window, the eyes you see the trees and the world with, your bird, Jimmy, singing.  It is all good; and you make it so even more by focusing on it. You focus on it when you are grateful for it.

It is time to be more and more grateful in the face of everything because there is so much people are focusing on of a nature that will pull your energy field down.  You can protect your vibration with gratitude, love, peace, and joy. Trying to raise your vibration does not work; but when you focus on being loving to yourself and others, extending peace, joy and gratitude, that automatically raises your vibration.

So today practice loving, being joyful, feeling peaceful and filled with gratitude because you are loved and being taken care of by your inner Source.  As you practice, at the end of your day you will say to yourself, “Wow, what an uplifting day this turned out to be.” And it will be because you directed it to be so with what you chose to focus on through your day.  Go in peace, love, joy and gratitude, beloved Children of God.  You are loved.