Divinely inspired writing

Patricia Conte-Nelson

In 1984, I began channeling writings from my Beloved Spiritual Guides. I would ask a question, and the writing would automatically come through for me to write down. In 2017, I published Volume 1 of Tuning In To Spirit, a compilation of 41 Writings from the Beloved Guides as well as Writings I wrote directly. As I look back, I realize every step of the way I was being guided, receiving little nudges, quiet whisperings of what to do and where to go. This guidance has always served me well.

     I now share my gifts with others seeking spiritual/Divine guidance along their journey of life by sharing personalized channeled writings. At the bottom you can read some testimonials about my work.

Every personalized channeled Writing includes a one hour session to unpack its relevance for your life

What I Have to Give and Offer You

The first session is an exploratory telephone conversation to determine areas and situations for which you want to receive personalized guidance from the Beloved Guides/ Divine Source. This will be free. 

If you decide you would like to move forward with me, I will receive a Writing for you based upon our conversation.  We will have an hour-long telephone or zoom conversation during which we will together reflect, ponder, explore, engage, and discuss how to implement the guidance in your Writing.

It is $120 for the writing and our first hour long session. I have a sliding scale which we can discuss in our exploratory phone call.

Email me your name and phone number to schedule your exploratory conversation.


“Each writing is a poignant, practical, powerful message revealing how listening to our Inner Divine Guidance leads to clarity, understanding, wisdom, and joy. Our outer world is swiftly changing moment to moment. The writings provide a grounded place… a sanctuary within… where we can feel comforted, supported, and safe. Thank you, Patricia, for allowing the Divine Presence of Love to flow unimpeded through you writings.”

“Patricia’s guided writings provide everyday experience, thoughts, and insights for you to welcome, and ponder as you unfold your own guidance, truth, and enlightenment along your spiritual path on your individual earthly journey.”

     “I went from feeling like my life was over to being able to not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but learning how to be the light as well.”