Many spiritual insights have come to me through the years as I have walked in my favorite places. One such place where I walked several times a week was the cranberry bog at the foot of our street where we lived on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I have always been blessed to live near beautiful scenic areas to walk.

Since walking is one of my favorite things to do, I have had plenty of opportunities to receive many messages and insights. On a walk many years ago, I saw a crow flying overhead with a baby bird in its beak. Heartbroken and angry, I cried out to God, “Why is it this way?” I heard, “Because I am the baby bird and I am the crow.” This has been a difficult one for me to accept, and yet at the same time, I know it to be true. The Spirit of the Divine, God, the Source of all that is, lives in and as everything.

I read somewhere, “There is no spot where God is not.” Remembering this gives me comfort and peace of mind in the face of everything that is going on in the world today. I trust there is a higher plan that I can’t see right now, which is evolving under all the opportunities and challenges.

My mission is to maintain the high watch in the midst of everything that is occurring, to not get sidetracked into judgment, to keep an open mind and heart, and to be humble, so that I may see clearly the Truth that all things work together for good in the end.

For me, I am learning that humility comes in the form of my being receptive to all experiences, without judging them, so I can continually see the connection, the Oneness, in everything.


Beloveds, what would you share with us?

Many people still harbor unresolved feelings inside and don’t realize they are there.  At this time, it is about releasing all that no longer serves you.  It may have served you at some point but no longer does.

Any place you are holding on to old hurts and wounds is a place where there is a blockage, and the Light is prohibited from flowing through easily.  That blockage will be removed in one way or another, so make it easy on yourselves and do it gracefully by repeating the sacred Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer for all you hold in your heart with anything less than unconditional love. 

Make a daily habit of starting and ending your day with it.  It’s so easy to remember: “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you.  I love you.”  Throughout the day when something comes up that feels difficult, a person or situation, say it again. 

Say it often and it will clear away all the old unforgiving hurt and wounded places in you.  Say it for yourself.  Look in the mirror and say it because you are the only one you hold hostage when you hold on to what no longer serves you. 

You have it in you to do this because you are the Light that has come to planet Earth at this time to shine your Light in the midst of the darkness.


Beloveds, today in the world there is an abundance of information, webinars, classes, conferences, books, emails, zoom calls, and so on. What will you share with us this morning? 

It is not about there being more information to share. It is not about information. You have all had enough information poured into you, and you do not need more information. What you do need to know is how to live your lives in the simplest way possible doing what is important to you, what you love which raises your vibration.

How do you live simpler high vibration lives every day? Who do you hang out with? Who do you love? Who do you let love you? Who do you still have stuff with? All of this contributes to the quality of your day and ultimately your lives. One thing you can stop right now is trying so hard and doing more and more and more. 

It is about being happy right where you are. What can you do today that will bring you more happiness? No more stuff to do. Doing is really overrated. What will bring you pleasure? What will bring a smile to your lips? 

What kind of day do you visualize yourself living? See that in your mind’s eye and simply fall into it. No trying, just being in happiness and joy being love in the midst of all of it. You want to walk, then walk. You want to hike, then hike. You want to go to the beach or go out on a boat, then do that. You want to sit outside and enjoy the weather, do that. You want to write or paint, then do that. You want to talk with or visit with family and friends, then do that.  You want to prepare food, then do that. Of course, there is going to work for many of you so do that with gratitude for whatever your work is. 

The hours of your day will flow from one thing to the next with no trying. You will just be present in all of it. Be present in the midst of everything you do, just be it. You can do that easily if you focus on your breathing while you are doing whatever you want to do. 

You can do all of it with a smile on your face because smiling is amazing. It does wonderful things for your body and your frame of mind and heart. So, keep life simple, do what you love and smile. 

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


Beloveds, what is there for us to learn from what happened to me yesterday when I fell?

When you do not bring your full consciousness to what you are doing, you are subject to whatever mishaps may happen along the way.  However, when you are fully conscious with all your senses present, whatever mishaps are out there will be less likely to happen.  You would see the change in the sidewalk surface before you tripped and fell over it.

You can be assured the Spirit of you, your True Being, is always there.  It never abandons you.  It is always there with you, as you experience what is happening along the way, including all the turns, mishaps, and everything else.   When you are fully conscious of your Spirit, you are consciously working together observing all that is around and in you.  Imagine how much easier life is when you’re fully conscious in each moment with your mind focused on one thing at a time.  Life will be much clearer.

When your attention is on multiple things at once, you can’t remember things and are more likely to be forgetful.  You can’t live this way and be fully conscious.  You are here a little, there a little, and over there a little.  This is a very uncomfortable way to live.   

Now that you are aware of all of this, did you feel the little uplift inside of you that just happened?  Well, that feeling will become more and more prevalent as you focus on being conscious of one thing at a time.  Try it today.  See how it feels to actually do one thing at a time.  Keep your focus on that way of being.  As you walk to the kitchen to get something, don’t do something else on the way, and don’t entertain other thoughts.  Stay focused on why you are going to the kitchen.  Then when you get to the kitchen, you’ll actually remember why you’re there.  

It really is simple.  Watch and be aware today.  Stay focused and live consciously.  Go in peace knowing we are always here for you. 


This Writing was in response to a question from me, but the message is for everyone.

Beloved Guides, writing seemed to be so much easier when I was writing Volume 1 of Tuning In To Spirit. Today there is just so much out there. People are not reading what comes to them. We skip through emails and delete many without even looking at them.  So what do I do with this thought that posting my writings on Word Press and Constant Contact is just too much for people? We are all on information overload.

It is not about information overload.  It is about what resonates with each individual. Everyone will not read the writings that come through or necessarily anything that you or someone else writes. But in truth, you don’t do it for that reason. You do it because it is something that Spirit wants to come through, and you are willing to open yourself to receive it. You then put it out there, and from that point, you must let it go with no attachment to who reads it or does not read it. It does not matter. You are not responsible for the outcome of your gift. 

What matters is you are allowing and doing what your Spirit wants to do through you. It gives you purpose. It helps you make a difference. It is about your own self-expression. You are doing what wants to be expressed through you right now, so let it go. This way of making a difference by doing and letting go is also true for everyone else.

Today is Memorial Day.  Many have lost their lives in the pursuit of peace on this planet. You can honor them by being the peace you want to see in the world.  When you are doing what you are meant to be doing, you will be at peace. You will be at peace in the knowing you are doing what it is that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment. You are doing it for your own soul’s journey this lifetime. You can let it all go and trust it will all unfold as it should with no help from you as far as making things happen your way. 

Show up and be the best version of yourself in every moment, and you will be at peace with whatever you are doing. You are loved with an everlasting love.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


Beloveds, what would you like to write about today?

Nothing in particular and yet everything.  It comes down to who you want to show up as today.  Your old self is always ready for you to fall back into.  Then there is your new self that remembers who you are, a radiating center of love sharing that love near and far.  Both are there waiting for you to remember. 

Who will you choose to be today?  It’s always up to you.  It’s a choice you get to make every moment of every day.  So, who will you be today?  Let’s see what you show up as.  You can choose to hold back, or you can choose to be aware of each opportunity to be love and let yourself be loved. 

You are definitely watching yourself more closely now.  When you see yourself about to be less than loving, you pause and make a different choice.  We watch and see more often than not that you are definitely making progress in this direction. 

So do that today and every day.  That is our message for today.  Short and sweet.  You will be amazed to see how much more peaceful you are when you live in this way.

What is wonderful about this way of being is you will have no regrets about how you behaved.  When you are loving, there is nothing to regret. There is only the wonderful feeling of love that flows through you as you give it to someone else.


There is so much that is for your highest good. We will zero in on one that will encompass all of them so here goes. 

Pay attention to all the signs that are showing up for all of you. There are signs of good everywhere. You will see people reaching out to one another to help those in need.  Remember, something good comes out of everything. Look at your friend who gave homemade soup from her freezer to her neighbor who had just returned from a medical challenge and hospital stay. Your friend was the helping caring angel that showed up to help in the midst of a challenging situation.  

Look for all the angels in your own lives. You can find them anywhere if you look. Choose to see that rather than looking at all that seems not to be working. Although it appears there is much you could blame and judge in the world, we ask you to stay out of blame and judgment at all costs. There is also much love and caring and acts of kindness. They show you there is good everywhere and in the hearts of everyone. Keep your attention focused there and that is what will continue to grow. 

Be with like-minded people as much as you can. That keeps your own energy field high which is what you need. Just as you have angels that show up in your life to show you that you are cared for, you can be a helping caring angel in the lives of others. 

People lead busy lives. It seems busier than usual but that is not so. People have always been busy. There is always something to keep them busy even if it’s watching TV or zooms or whatever way they fill their days. It’s all the same; it all comes down to people having a way to pass their days. In the middle of the busyness, it is very important that you always take time for your spiritual work. This will keep you connected to the Divine at all times. It makes it easier for you to see the Divine in others. Although you can focus on appearances and judge and blame others, your divine connection will keep you focused on their divine nature and the good that is everywhere and in everything if you look for it. 

Another reason to not judge is that you do not know if what they are doing is part of the overall plan to wake up humanity. At this time, it is imperative everyone wakes up and works together.  Sometimes it takes dark things to wake people up, to mobilize them into some kind of action. Therefore, look at everything with the eyes of love and allow spirit to unfold in that way. You do not know until you experience it what is about to unfold. So, keep your spiritual loving eyes on everything.

Stay focused on the Divine knowing good is in all people even if you can’t see it and helping caring angels are everywhere. 

Be the love and light you want to see in the world.  


This writing beautifully ties together several of the other writings we have had. 

Beloveds, what will you share with us today?

Today is a whole new day.  Yesterday is over.  You can make today whatever you want it to be with your attitude and actions.  Will you bemoan the fact that a lot happened that seemed negative, or will you move forward today knowing that all is in divine order no matter what it looks like with your human eyes? 

It’s all up to you, a decision you make about how you will greet this new day.  Of course, you can choose to drag yesterday into today and make today about that or you can ask yourself a quick question;  I wonder what God and I are going to do with this amazing new day?  Bring that energy of open-hearted curiosity and joy to the prospect of a new day.  Then wherever you find yourself you can do amazing peace and love-keeping work for others and the planet.  It’s always about how much love you can share with others.  It can be a thought, a smile, a cheerful greeting, a positive comment, or a compliment.

You can see judgment come up also, but you don’t have to dwell there.  You can let it go as quickly as it pops up because judgment is not the truth of your being or the other person’s being.  It’s always about whether to see with your spiritual eyes or your human eyes.  Remember that your human eyes which you are looking through have a lot of patterns and beliefs from this lifetime and past lives  The lenses of those eyes need to be cleaned and polished and looked through with the eyes of your spirit. 

Then you will see multiple opportunities to help people, to be here for people.  You will see a way to extend a helping hand to someone who is going through challenges and needs a hand to reach out to them.  You can be that in so many different ways with a phone call, an email, a text, or in person.  You can do it on the street or in the car with a wave.  Whatever you choose to do know that is your way of being God’s hands and feet today.  Can you do that? 

It’s up to you.  Everything is a choice.  Do not get embroiled in the old ways.  They are there for you to experience and move through not to dwell on and figure out why you did or didn’t do something.  It’s up to you to let it all go and know it was an experience for you to see how you responded so you can make a new choice today when something triggers you or comes up again for you to choose a different response guided by love. One of the wonderful things about experiencing is your feelings.  You get to see how you feel about something, how whatever it is brought something up in you to feel.  

In this lifetime, you have a limited timeline.  Then you’ll leave and be in the spirit world.  So, make the most of it while you’re here and learn, love, have fun, and play.  Be with it all as best you can. It’s all a learning and evolving experience for your highest good as well as for others and the planet.  So, feel and feel and learn and learn and learn.

Be the love and light you want to see in the world.  


Making war not peace is what seems to be out there in the world if you look at it with the eyes of judgment.   However, if you look at it with the eyes of love, you see people going through their life evolution which is what they came here to do. 

So whatever circumstances you see around you, know that it is part of the evolution of people as well as the planet.  The spirit of each is intact.  The spirit of people as well as mother earth is never touched by the external world.  All will eventually realize this and stop fighting for their piece of the turf. 

There is no turf in spirit there is only the light, and the light is love.  No matter how much darkness you see with your human eyes, the light never goes away.  It is always there in everything.  Can you choose to see that light?  That choice is yours to make in every moment with every breath you take. 

You cannot go out into the world each day with the idea that you are going to change everything.  You cannot do that without feeling stressed.  What you can do is simply be the peace and love you want to see in the world.  That is your part in all of this, your life plan working itself out through this physical form you have taken on this lifetime. 

You have had many lifetimes.  This is just the most recent in a whole series of lifetimes.  How you choose to live this one is the decision you make in each moment.  Do you worry and do you concern yourself with everything out there or do you see it as evolution and know that in the long run all is well and will continue to be well?  That can give you a feeling of such inner peace it pushes all the worry right out of your mind and heart.  Make that choice every day in every moment, and you will find yourself a much happier being of light as you radiate light and love into the world. 

I asked my Guides, how is it that you know that? Their answer, there is no time in spirit.  We see it all, and we can see that there is only a constant evolution of all evolving back into the realization you have never left the heart of God, the heart of the Divine Energy that is in all.  You are still in the midst of this physical experience and your spirit exists everywhere.  It is here in this body as well as in all of time.  Can you feel the peace of knowing that?

Allow your questioning mind to do its thing without climbing into it and letting it determine your peace of mind.  You don’t have to choose that.  You can choose to know that all is well in the face of everything.



Beloveds, what would you like to share with us today?  Thank you.

Now is not the time for procrastinating in any area of your life.  Being a clear and perfect channel is easier than you think.  When you clear your plate of all that is not essential to your wellbeing, you will have plenty of time to do that which is yours to do.  Hear what we say here, ‘all that is yours to do.’  So, stay focused on what is really yours to do not the non-essential things that flood your lives on a constant basis. 

There are many distractions that pop into your lives regularly.  However, start filtering them out by asking yourself, “Is this essential to my wellbeing, to the wellbeing of the planet.  Only take on that which you can answer yes to in that regard. 

It has a lot to do with where you allow your mind to drift.  You can stop the drifting instantly by thinking of something that makes you smile, something that you are grateful for, something that warms your heart.  All of these are signs of something that is contributing to your wellbeing.  You can choose at this point to do only that which feeds your soul, your true essence. 

You have lots on your plate right now.  We are addressing everyone with this question.  What is it out of all those things on your plate that truly feeds your soul?  Do only that and let all the rest go.  You will find so much more time in your day when you actually do this.  Make a promise to yourself that this is the way you will live your life from now on. 

You ask what about family?  How do we do that?  It does not always feed your soul to attend to family.  However, family is family.  What you can do with family is love them just the way they are, right where they are in their human development which may not always be what you want them to be doing. 

Surrender to knowing they have a divine self within them also and see this for them.  Surrender them to their divine self, allowing them to fall and pick themselves up without you putting yourself in the position of being their savior.  They will learn at their own pace as you have.