“When the day comes to depart this world, may our souls only carry the imprint of LOVE.”  Psalm 146 

This psalm you ask about is profound, and we will address it because there are many people passing from this realm.  Their physical bodies are being left behind, yet their Spirit of love and Light remains intact.  The Divine in action moves as Spirit radiating Light and love everywhere.  

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  This does not mean the select few; it really does mean everyone.  Jesus loved everyone, the tax collector, the woman at the well, all those who participated in his death, everyone.  Upon his death he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  

This is why it is so important to do the work of forgiving yourself and others.  Not just a few that you think you can easily forgive, but everyone in any lifetime that has hurt you or you have hurt.  In this way you depart with only love in your heart. 

That is what you are being called to do in order to clear your energy field of old hurts and wounds that block the love and Light from flowing out  into the world.  You are naturally filled with love and Light.  You are created out of love and Light.  At the core of your being, you are only love, and only you can block that love from radiating out to everyone everywhere around the planet.  

We often refer to the butterfly effect.  It is always working.  Whatever energy you are vibrating to is what you are sending out into the world to expand and grow.  Choose to send thoughts and feelings that are loving.  When you leave this realm, you will depart with the imprint of love, and thus you will leave behind only your loving energy.  That is your legacy to the world and love continues to be here flapping its butterfly wings.  So, have no fear you are not doing enough.  You truly are making a difference now and when you depart by being loving.

Be the love and peace you want to see.