Beloveds, I am watching my thoughts and I have been quietly watching them rather than pursuing the train of thought, but it has been happening more rapidly.  What can you share with us?

Now is the time, dear children of God, to stop being upset at yourself for all that you think you should be doing.  There are no shoulds especially at your emotions and your thoughts about any unresolved issues and at everything that has not gone the way you thought it should in your world and in the world of your families. 

It is why you came into your family. You are here to transform the family energy and yourself into something and someone that can rise above it all.  You are also here to be the Light of love and be there for them in a loving, caring, compassionate way. 

Remember, this is all a holy experience when you do it from the consciousness that you are a being of light spreading love near and far.  The near is your family, and the far is the world.  You are all here in this realm at this time transforming the energy on the planet that has been accumulating for many eons.  Now is the time for it all to come to fruition as love on the third dimension.  You are being helped by other realms that are beaming love and Light as well, so you are not doing it alone. Tune into the energy from moment to moment as this is the time for all the old repercussions and wounds to come up for healing.

This is why you are feeling as emotional and as volatile as you may be feeling.   It all feels like a lot, but you can handle it because you know you are not doing this alone.  You have the consciousness within you and the awareness of all of it to see and make the changes that you want to make.  Sometimes you mishandle things, but then you correct them, so don’t be upset about it.  It is all about learning and growing, and you are all doing that very well. 

This is a time to come together in love so let us know what you want from us.  If you want more love, then radiate love.  Receive our love and radiate it out to the world.  If you want more joy, then remember the joy you had as children playing together.

So much to be grateful for, and you are all doing fine.  So, don’t sink into the doldrums about any of this.  Observe it, be aware of it, and know you are right on track.  You are healing and so are your families and everyone else around you and in this realm.  Some who are like you know this, but others do not.  Be the being of Light and love that you are, so you can help them to understand.  Just love everyone and most of all love yourselves.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.