Happy Day, dear ones. The greatest gift we can give one another each day is the gift of our love. You have a special gift to offer the world with your loving attention to the simple act of loving one another just the way we are.

Look and see what is all around you. What do you have that can be shared with others, your time, your talent, your abundance, all in whatever form it takes?  These opportunities will present themselves to you in big and small ways.

Love and gratitude have always been here, and now they are present even more because people are awakening and realizing they are here to give and receive love. That really is our main purpose.  Wherever you can allow more love into your own heart, say YES to all of it, a loving gesture, a kind word, a smile.  Whatever it is, nothing is too small to love, appreciate, and share.

The more this is practiced, the more love swells into the fullness of what it is, which is unconditional love, not for what someone does or doesn’t do, but for the amazing Light already in that person. We are all Light Beings here to spread our love near and far.   Everything becomes a Holy Experience when we are doing it from this consciousness. 

So, we can be grateful for all of it. It is all here to help us evolve and wake up to the truth that there is only Presence manifesting in many forms. When the realization of that truly bursts forth and flowers in the heart, we can see it really showing up all around us.  We are being the love we want to see in the world. Have a beautiful day.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


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