We are here to spread goodwill. Bob and I were riding around in his 1931 Model A and I was waving to everyone and, of course, people waved back and smiled. It really felt exhilarating and uplifting to see so many people waving back to us. It uplifted us as well as those waving to us.

It reminded me that we are here to spread goodwill; to share our open-hearted loving way of being with everyone we meet.  Lightworkers came to do just that and along the way, over lifetimes their Light became more and more hidden by fear of many things they encountered here on the Third Dimension of earth.  However, this has ended.

There are now enough awakened beings remembering Who they are and why they are here which has caused the shift in awareness and awakening.  Enough of us have heard words of truth and believed them and have awakened to remembering Who we are. The fear that has kept us trapped in the material way of living with the focus on trying to stay alive with mortgages, jobs, and responsibilities has lifted. Fear caused much dis-ease in the body, which then added health concerns to the list of things that kept us trapped and forgetting the Light within us that is the true healer. That has all changed.

We have all been given the opportunity to move along with the shift, to catch the momentum of the amazing energy that is all around us. What matters is we choose to focus our energy there and not go meandering along daily allowing the fast pace of life to carry us along until we lay in bed at night wondering what happened to our day.  With the attitude we bring to it, we have the choice to choose how we spend our day.

Are we doing whatever we are doing consciously be it mowing the lawn, washing dishes, or making corporate decisions?  Are we doing it from the consciousness we are Beings of Light spreading love near and far?  As we do whatever we are doing with this awareness, it becomes a Holy Experience and we transform not only our own energy field but also that of the planet.

We are moving in this direction.  The speed with which we move depends on how much time we spend inundated in fear of our material circumstances and what we need to do about them.  It keeps us in a lower vibrational frequency and that will not attract the insights, intuitions, and synchronicities that are there all around us to move us forward with grace and ease in divine timing and divine order. Pay attention to the insights intuitions, and synchronicities and act on them. We will “know” what is actually ours to do.

Go in peace, Children of the Light.  We are all loved with an everlasting love. We are all One.


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