You are natural-born healers. This is not in the way that you think of traditional healing but rather healers of the heart.  You have a natural inborn affinity for helping people in any way you can, be it health of mind, body, spirit, or all of it.  You each do that in your own way.  You do it with your kind words and with compassion that you send out to the world.  You do it with a deep awareness of what is going on in the world.  Whenever you see confusion in any situation and you bring your own natural awareness to it, the healing begins in the heart of the other person simply by your listening and understanding in a compassionate way. 

Kindness can be underrated in this world, but it is sorely needed.  You are being kind when you smile with warm loving eyes at people.  You are being kind when you engage them in a small hello or conversation. You are being kind when you comment about what they are wearing or what lovely eyes they have.   Focus on whatever you see that you can comment on in a caring way.  Anything to warm the hearts of others can make their day or help them out of their ruminations about what is wrong in their lives or the world by simply focusing them on something in them that you see as lovely. 

People are starved for the warmth of the soul.  They are hungry for what you have to offer so keep doing it.  Children, pets, and adults all thrive on being given kindness and compliments rather than corrections.  The fewer corrections we give one another in this world, the better the world will be.  So, as you move through your day in every moment whether it is a text, a phone call, an email, or wherever you find yourself, do or say something caring for someone.  It will benefit you as well as others.  As kindness goes out, so it returns.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.

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