A perfect example of TRUSTING is what happened to me when I had an appointment with an amazing man, who does a variety of body therapies. He had suggested the week before that I might want to meet a friend who is a Certified Herbalist. Since I am interested in learning more about the benefits of herbs, I planned to call her for an appointment but had not gotten around to it yet. When I was in the therapist’s office, who should show up but the herbalist at the exact time and place where I was. Divine timing brought us together without my having to try to make anything happen. I showed up and so did she.

An example of not trusting happened to me many years ago with Barbara Marx Hubbard. She has written wonderful books over the years and was a very well-known author and spiritual leader during her lifetime. I was at Unity School of Religious Studies continuing my Unity studies to become a Licensed Unity Teacher. I had brought her book with me, The Revelation – Our Crisis is a Birth, The Book of Co-Creation.

I received guidance that morning that I was to bring the book with me because I would meet her that day. I didn’t believe the guidance and left the book behind. Well, who should be standing in front of me in the cafeteria lunch line but Barbara Marx Hubbard. It turns out that she was the guest speaker that day for the ministerial students. I mentioned my early morning guidance and she said she would be happy to autograph my book for me. I told her I didn’t have it with me and that I would go to the bookstore next to the cafeteria and buy another copy. I returned with the book and she autographed it to me with the note, “Follow the Guidance.” So, it did work out well in the end and taught me to listen to the guidance.