We have been receiving a huge influx of Light for some time. It is a powerful time for us, and there is more light and energy available for us to do our spiritual work than ever before.

We have the opportunity to do some major karmic clearing.   It can bring up feelings of panic which is just old stuff coming up to be cleared.  It can bring on extreme tiredness which is the body absorbing and recalibrating the new vibration so lying down and resting will help the body experience it with grace and more ease.

Since we are aware of what is going on, we don’t have to take it personally and assume there is something wrong with us. Instead, we can create the habit of flowing with it and resting.  The pace is being picked up even more energetically, so it’s important to have the habit of taking as much time for stillness and spaciousness as possible so we don’t get overwhelmed.  It is a matter of allowing us to be emptied in our quiet prayer time as we surrender everything to the Divine and feel the spaciousness of that.

We can breathe into this clearing energy and let it flow through us.  We don’t have to experience it as slamming into us which is what we are seeing in the world around us now.  If we are coming from stability and stillness, we can open to it rather than getting overwhelmed.  Staying centered in this way will help us help others who may be feeling overpowered by the energy of so much coming up to be cleared.

If we don’t feel spiritually connected, we have nothing to offer others. So, our first step is to put on our own oxygen mask without getting out of breath ourselves, just the way we do on an airplane so we can see clearly what our next step is. 

We can prepare and hold the intention that we are as open and clear as possible so we can be channels for this energy to flow through for ourselves and for others.  Being in stillness and spaciousness is our oxygen mask.  Through stillness and spaciousness, we will know what is ours to do. 

You are loved with everlasting love.