With everything that is happening in the world, our part is to remain steadfast in our understanding that with the Universe/God/Spirit/Source/Higher Power, whatever you want to call it, we are all united at a soul level.  When we get caught up in watching the world around us that knows only separation from our Divine Source, look at all of it in a whole new way.  In the face of all that is happening see this as an opportunity to go forth as God’s loving presence in this world. 

Look at it as an opportunity to be more loving right where you are starting with yourself.   Love yourself just the way you are with all your ups and downs, anger, and unforgiveness.  Look inside and say, “I love every part of myself even those parts that are angry and judgmental because I know that is not the Truth of my being.  The Truth is I am an amazing being of Light here at this time to spread love near and far.”   In the face of everything simply know that you are here to be love.  You can be loving wherever you find yourself because your energy comes through whatever it is that you are feeling in the moment.  Through love, you can transform your own energy field and that goes out to the world. 

When you are feeling like you are not doing what you think you “should” be doing, being unloving, unhappy, depressed, or whatever else is coming up for you, remember there is a purpose for feeling that way.  It is coming up for you to feel so you can choose to be with that part of you and love it all.  Look at all of life as an opportunity to embrace yourself.  Life is an ongoing progression of experiences, and you get to experience yourself amid all that is going on around you.  

How about unconditionally loving yourself and remembering you are the Light of the world just the way you are. 

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.

Ho’oponopono “Clearing the Decks”

Ho'oponopono Prayer

There is obviously something here for us to learn because it keeps coming up for me to share. So here it is again. If it’s meant for you, please comment. Love, Patricia xoxoxo

By saying this prayer, you are “clearing the decks” and asking for forgiveness from all those you may have offended including yourself so continue the process.

You will feel more and more joy and freer.  As time goes on the feelings of overwhelming love in your heart will flow and reach out and embrace all around you.  Your heart will open wider and there will be more room for the love to pour through totally unencumbered by old wounds, past hurt from others or towards others.  Your feeling of freedom will go over the top and you will actually be able to accomplish more with less effort because you won’t have to continually feel the hurt or pain that is there.  You will finally be free which frees your energy.

Please know that in the big picture there is nothing to forgive.  There are only people playing out their roles in life learning as they go along.  In the process of learning, they commit acts that are very wounding to others.  The quicker you are able to feel it, move through it to the other side, and feel the love, the happier you will be.  It will feel like the Sun is shining brightly inside you and flowing out into the world.

So go in peace and continue to ask forgiveness of yourself for you are the person you hold hostage with any feelings of unforgiveness you may hold on to.  Instead, choose to release it now or at least look at being willing to release it.  The willingness will open the door to your heart and forgiveness will follow, followed by feelings of love and joy.  And isn’t that why you are here… to feel and share love and joy everywhere?

With Much Love and Many Blessings to all of you, Patricia