Since it is so easy to get sidetracked in this human realm,  helping one another to stay in Presence is key to your spiritual growth and development as well as that of the planet.  It takes group energy to gather everyone together to powerfully do the work of evolving yourselves and this planet into more loving ways of being. 

All over the world, you gather together in small groups uniting together into larger groups of love and oneness.  It does exist.  Have no fear.  You are not working alone.  There are powers everywhere around the Universe assisting you to stay focused on love.

You may not like what you see with your human eyes or what you feel with your human heart.  But it is your job to be aware of this human way of being and surround it with the love of the Presence within you.  Simply feel the feelings come up, be aware of them, and at the same time feel the love you have for someone or something.  Then let it all merge together. 

Do not push your feelings away that do not match what you think you “should” be feeling.  Just be aware of them and feel love for yourself at the same time.  Healing happens every time you do this.  Each time something comes up it’s a gift because it’s another opportunity to heal you and the planet with love.  So, focus on love and stay in Presence. 


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