Beloved family, this is the link for information about the Lion’s Gate and what it means for us. I have copied the last couple of paragraphs here that you can read first.  With Love, Patricia xo

Dear Ones, witness your words. If you say them, and they don’t feel good to you, find another word or expression to say what you mean and mean what you say. Words are wonderful and epicly creative. They are also incarcerating and divisive. Invite Lion Energy into your heart this month, to help you see the distortions of words as they play out in your life and on the world stage. Invite Source Energy in you to empower you to use your words as a living wand for the Living Light of Source. 

Go into the Stillness when the Storms of this Spiritual Battle rattle your energy and challenge your ability to find that Middle Way. You have strength, courage, boldness, and fortitude in you, for you carry the Lion Harbinger Heart in you! 

Embrace August’s Fiery and Alchemical Energies. Live as Awakened and Awakening Lions! Call in the Lion Harbinger and Leo Energy to Shine More Sunlight on all that needs to clear away, for all of Sentient Kind to Live their Optimal Timelines within God’s Timeline! 

You are the Ones here to rise like the Great Central Suns in your own lives.

Choose your words, and your wands, wisely. 

And allow what needs to fall away, to fall away. 

We can say that God Wins. Yet what would be more accurate to say, without tweaking more tension with that phrase in the Collective Ascension Process unfolding, is that the Living Light has always been, and will always be, Divinely Victorious! Now that is an example of choosing words wisely and being impeccable with your wand’s creationary power. And this is what we invite you to get better acquainted with in August 2022 and beyond!

And simply notice where others may be using their wands, consciously or unconsciously, to implement more of the duality game. And notice where some use their words to exit that 3D duality game altogether!

It IS Time to Rise!

Blessings to you, to one, and to all. 

You Are Loved, dear ones. You ARE Love. All Our Love.

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