Since it is so easy to get sidetracked in this human realm,  helping one another to stay in Presence is key to your spiritual growth and development as well as that of the planet.  It takes group energy to gather everyone together to powerfully do the work of evolving yourselves and this planet into more loving ways of being. 

All over the world, you gather together in small groups uniting together into larger groups of love and oneness.  It does exist.  Have no fear.  You are not working alone.  There are powers everywhere around the Universe assisting you to stay focused on love.

You may not like what you see with your human eyes or what you feel with your human heart.  But it is your job to be aware of this human way of being and surround it with the love of the Presence within you.  Simply feel the feelings come up, be aware of them, and at the same time feel the love you have for someone or something.  Then let it all merge together. 

Do not push your feelings away that do not match what you think you “should” be feeling.  Just be aware of them and feel love for yourself at the same time.  Healing happens every time you do this.  Each time something comes up it’s a gift because it’s another opportunity to heal you and the planet with love.  So, focus on love and stay in Presence. 


Ho’oponopono “Clearing the Decks”

Ho'oponopono Prayer

Dear Ones, this morning in meditation I was guided to work with an old Hawaiian Prayer called Ho’oponopono for all those I had ever hurt.  Then during my writing time, I asked what is my message for the day and this is what came to me.

You are already doing it.  You are “clearing the decks” and asking for forgiveness from all those you may have offended so continue the process.

You will feel more and more joy and freer.  As time goes on the feelings of overwhelming love in your heart will flow and reach out and embrace all around you.  Your heart will open wider and wider and there will be more room for the love to pour through totally unencumbered by old wounds, past hurt from others or towards others.  Your feeling of freedom will go over the top and you will actually be able to accomplish more with less effort because you won’t have to continually feel the hurt or pain that is there.  You will finally be free which frees your energy.

Please know that in the big picture there is nothing to forgive.  There are only people playing out their roles in life learning as they go along.  In the process of learning, they commit acts that are very wounding to others.  The quicker you are able to feel it, move through it to the other side, and feel the love, the happier you will be.  It will feel like the Sun is shining brightly inside you and flowing out into the world.

So go in peace and continue to ask forgiveness of yourself for you are the person you hold hostage with any feelings of unforgiveness you may hold on to.  Instead, choose to release it now or at least look at being willing to release it.  The willingness will open the door to your heart and forgiveness will follow, followed by feelings of love and joy.  And isn’t that why you are here… to feel and share love and joy everywhere?

With Much Love and Many Blessings to all of you, Patricia


Beloved family, this is the link for information about the Lion’s Gate and what it means for us. I have copied the last couple of paragraphs here that you can read first.  With Love, Patricia xo

Dear Ones, witness your words. If you say them, and they don’t feel good to you, find another word or expression to say what you mean and mean what you say. Words are wonderful and epicly creative. They are also incarcerating and divisive. Invite Lion Energy into your heart this month, to help you see the distortions of words as they play out in your life and on the world stage. Invite Source Energy in you to empower you to use your words as a living wand for the Living Light of Source. 

Go into the Stillness when the Storms of this Spiritual Battle rattle your energy and challenge your ability to find that Middle Way. You have strength, courage, boldness, and fortitude in you, for you carry the Lion Harbinger Heart in you! 

Embrace August’s Fiery and Alchemical Energies. Live as Awakened and Awakening Lions! Call in the Lion Harbinger and Leo Energy to Shine More Sunlight on all that needs to clear away, for all of Sentient Kind to Live their Optimal Timelines within God’s Timeline! 

You are the Ones here to rise like the Great Central Suns in your own lives.

Choose your words, and your wands, wisely. 

And allow what needs to fall away, to fall away. 

We can say that God Wins. Yet what would be more accurate to say, without tweaking more tension with that phrase in the Collective Ascension Process unfolding, is that the Living Light has always been, and will always be, Divinely Victorious! Now that is an example of choosing words wisely and being impeccable with your wand’s creationary power. And this is what we invite you to get better acquainted with in August 2022 and beyond!

And simply notice where others may be using their wands, consciously or unconsciously, to implement more of the duality game. And notice where some use their words to exit that 3D duality game altogether!

It IS Time to Rise!

Blessings to you, to one, and to all. 

You Are Loved, dear ones. You ARE Love. All Our Love.


One of Eckhart Tolle’s Present Moment Reminders  is, “Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there.” I can certainly relate to that because I can find myself with that response at times in my day.

Bob and I watched Episode 1 of a nine-part docuseries called Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science.  It was titled The Root Cause of All Disease – How to Rise Above Stress, Anxiety, and Mood Illnesses. It is a wonderful synchronicity that both Eckhart Tolle’s teaching and this series appeared in my life at the same time. There are no coincidences just synchronicities that are wonderful teachers for us if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the messages they offer. There are teachers everywhere.

Stress is at the top of the list of what we live with each day depending on our response to what is happening in our lives. Yes, there is now science behind all of this. However, we knew that way before science proved it.  Eons ago the mystics of old gave us the key to how to deal with stress.  Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there.

Being present means practicing being aware/mindful of where our minds negatively wander and how long we let it live in our consciousness. In Emmett Fox’s little booklet, The 30 Day Mental Diet, he shares, “If you are sitting in front of a fireplace and a spark flies out and lands on your sleeve and you brush it off quickly, nothing will happen. However, if you leave it there, it will burn a hole in your sleeve. It’s the same thing with our consciousness.”

Stress in the form of our bills, our relationships, our health, and our time constraints, all contribute to the stress of our day. If we continue to dwell on those things, it will surely burn a hole in our consciousness of peace and joy. If we learn to live in a way that accounts for those things without stressing over them, it’s a whole different story.

I was listening to Panache Desai, and he suggested that in the face of everything that shows up in your life, you could choose to say, “God, I can’t wait to see how we’re going to work this one out.” That brings a smile to my lips, and I quickly feel more peaceful and joyful in my life. I hope it does the same for you.