When we truly honor the Light within, we are honoring that which is in everyone.  Honoring means to focus on the Light within us and all others. That is the answer to all the questions.

We come to this way of being when we are ready.  It is about doing what is true for us in our own heart.  When you are true to your own calling from Spirit, what happens is you change the world right where you are.  We each do it in our own way. 

What is calling to your heart?  Whatever it is, do that and do it to the best of your ability.  We are happier when we do this.  Then we become a beacon of joy and happiness.  This is the only thing that will help change the planet one heart at a time. 

We are all God’s hands and feet.  All of us are here being love in the way we know how.  In Truth, we really are already love. 

Each of us is opening to it on a deeper level, each in our own way.  We are waking up to the Truth of our Being, who we really are. When we get that deeply, what happens is we stop trying to make anything happen. We simply be the best of who we are right where we are.  That causes us to remember who we are and who everyone else is, the Light within.  This strengthens our awareness of the Oneness and the knowing we are all One.  We all have the same Spirit of the One within us.  

This is a natural unfolding as we wake up to the Truth of who we are. So simply honor the Light within, and be at peace.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.

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