I had a wonderful revelation this morning.  I walked into the laundry room and saw that my husband had hung his pants crooked and they were wrinkled from the way he hung them on the hanger.  I immediately thought how can he be so technically oriented and not know how to hang a pair of pants properly.  A feeling of annoyance came up in me.  Then a thought hit me like a ton of bricks.  This is my opportunity to be love, to understand his actions that trigger me are the very things I am to experience through a loving heart with understanding, caring, and kindness.  I get to practice all of my divine attributes.  I sat down to type a message, and this is what came through.

Exactly, and it is the same out in the world now.  You look at everyone doing whatever they are doing, be it family members or world leaders or people that you totally disagree with, and you think to yourself how can they think like that.  Can’t they see the “truth?”

That is their “truth.”  That is what they see and how they feel inside.  That is their perspective, and you have the opportunity to allow them the space to express what they are expressing without judgment on your part. 

You can choose to see everything that is happening no matter what it is as an opportunity to shine your light brightly on the situation.  You think you came here to be love and you’re right.  But hear this.  You are being selective about where you are being love because it is not easy for you to be love in the face of everything. 

The people who trigger you are the ones who do you the greatest service.  They give you the opportunity to look into your heart and see where you harbor feelings of upset about what they say or don’t say, do or don’t do.  You all have the opportunity every day to recognize everyone is playing their role here.  

You are all playing your roles here for one another, so you get to practice being love in the face of everything.  Being love is simply being in a place of allowing and thinking – I understand you are playing a role in my life right now and I get to be the person who sees that about you, or I don’t.  It’s up to me.  As soon as I get that and practice it, that changes everything in me thus everything in the world. 

Continue to remember the Butterfly Effect.  Whatever it is that you do changes everything all the way around the world.

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