When we truly honor the Light within, we are honoring that which is in everyone.  Honoring means to focus on the Light within us and all others. That is the answer to all the questions.

We come to this way of being when we are ready.  It is about doing what is true for us in our own heart.  When you are true to your own calling from Spirit, what happens is you change the world right where you are.  We each do it in our own way. 

What is calling to your heart?  Whatever it is, do that and do it to the best of your ability.  We are happier when we do this.  Then we become a beacon of joy and happiness.  This is the only thing that will help change the planet one heart at a time. 

We are all God’s hands and feet.  All of us are here being love in the way we know how.  In Truth, we really are already love. 

Each of us is opening to it on a deeper level, each in our own way.  We are waking up to the Truth of our Being, who we really are. When we get that deeply, what happens is we stop trying to make anything happen. We simply be the best of who we are right where we are.  That causes us to remember who we are and who everyone else is, the Light within.  This strengthens our awareness of the Oneness and the knowing we are all One.  We all have the same Spirit of the One within us.  

This is a natural unfolding as we wake up to the Truth of who we are. So simply honor the Light within, and be at peace.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.


I had a wonderful revelation this morning.  I walked into the laundry room and saw that my husband had hung his pants crooked and they were wrinkled from the way he hung them on the hanger.  I immediately thought how can he be so technically oriented and not know how to hang a pair of pants properly.  A feeling of annoyance came up in me.  Then a thought hit me like a ton of bricks.  This is my opportunity to be love, to understand his actions that trigger me are the very things I am to experience through a loving heart with understanding, caring, and kindness.  I get to practice all of my divine attributes.  I sat down to type a message, and this is what came through.

Exactly, and it is the same out in the world now.  You look at everyone doing whatever they are doing, be it family members or world leaders or people that you totally disagree with, and you think to yourself how can they think like that.  Can’t they see the “truth?”

That is their “truth.”  That is what they see and how they feel inside.  That is their perspective, and you have the opportunity to allow them the space to express what they are expressing without judgment on your part. 

You can choose to see everything that is happening no matter what it is as an opportunity to shine your light brightly on the situation.  You think you came here to be love and you’re right.  But hear this.  You are being selective about where you are being love because it is not easy for you to be love in the face of everything. 

The people who trigger you are the ones who do you the greatest service.  They give you the opportunity to look into your heart and see where you harbor feelings of upset about what they say or don’t say, do or don’t do.  You all have the opportunity every day to recognize everyone is playing their role here.  

You are all playing your roles here for one another, so you get to practice being love in the face of everything.  Being love is simply being in a place of allowing and thinking – I understand you are playing a role in my life right now and I get to be the person who sees that about you, or I don’t.  It’s up to me.  As soon as I get that and practice it, that changes everything in me thus everything in the world. 

Continue to remember the Butterfly Effect.  Whatever it is that you do changes everything all the way around the world.


With everything that is happening in the world, our part is to remain steadfast in our understanding that with the Universe/God/Spirit/Source/Higher Power, whatever you want to call it, we are all united at a soul level. We are all ONE. When we get caught up in watching the world around us that knows only separation from our Divine Source, we can look at all of it in a new way. In the face of all that is happening, we can see this as an opportunity to go forth as God’s loving presence in this world. So how do we do this?

Look at it as an opportunity to be more loving right where you are starting with yourself.  Love yourself just the way you are with all your ups and downs, anger and unforgiveness. Look inside and say, “I love every part of myself even those parts that are angry and judgmental because I know that is not the Truth of my being. The Truth is I am an amazing being of Light here at this time to spread love near and far.” That thought transforms your own energy field and that goes out to the world. 

When you are feeling like you are not doing what you think you “should” be doing, unloving, unhappy, depressed, or whatever else is coming up for you, remember there is a purpose for feeling that way. It is coming up for you to feel so you can choose to be with that part of you and love it all. Look at all of life as an opportunity to embrace yourself. Life is an ongoing progression of experiences, and you get to experience yourself amid all that is going on around you. How about unconditionally loving yourself and remembering you are the Light of the world just the way you are. 

Ask yourself, How can I love myself more by taking care of this body? How can I love the planet more by doing nothing to harm her? How can I love my neighbors more by allowing them the privilege of whatever their thoughts and beliefs are?” 

Love one another is at the heart of all religions and loving yourself is at the center of that. But you can find yourself adding rules and conditions that color everything such as, “I will love you if you believe this way or if you do this.” In God/Spirit/Divine Presence/Creator there is none of that. No matter what is going on in your life and the world, there is only the invitation to love one another and yourself. 

Healing of all of this begins in your own beautiful, amazing heart. Allow the love that God created you from to be unaltered?  You really can choose to stay in a place of love by loving all parts of yourself and the world.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.