Beloveds, today in the world there is an abundance of information, webinars, classes, conferences, books, emails, zoom calls, and so on. What will you share with us this morning? 

It is not about there being more information to share. It is not about information. You have all had enough information poured into you, and you do not need more information. What you do need to know is how to live your lives in the simplest way possible doing what is important to you, what you love which raises your vibration.

How do you live simpler high vibration lives every day? Who do you hang out with? Who do you love? Who do you let love you? Who do you still have stuff with? All of this contributes to the quality of your day and ultimately your lives. One thing you can stop right now is trying so hard and doing more and more and more. 

It is about being happy right where you are. What can you do today that will bring you more happiness? No more stuff to do. Doing is really overrated. What will bring you pleasure? What will bring a smile to your lips? 

What kind of day do you visualize yourself living? See that in your mind’s eye and simply fall into it. No trying, just being in happiness and joy being love in the midst of all of it. You want to walk, then walk. You want to hike, then hike. You want to go to the beach or go out on a boat, then do that. You want to sit outside and enjoy the weather, do that. You want to write or paint, then do that. You want to talk with or visit with family and friends, then do that.  You want to prepare food, then do that. Of course, there is going to work for many of you so do that with gratitude for whatever your work is. 

The hours of your day will flow from one thing to the next with no trying. You will just be present in all of it. Be present in the midst of everything you do, just be it. You can do that easily if you focus on your breathing while you are doing whatever you want to do. 

You can do all of it with a smile on your face because smiling is amazing. It does wonderful things for your body and your frame of mind and heart. So, keep life simple, do what you love and smile. 

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.