Beloveds, what is there for us to learn from what happened to me yesterday when I fell?

When you do not bring your full consciousness to what you are doing, you are subject to whatever mishaps may happen along the way.  However, when you are fully conscious with all your senses present, whatever mishaps are out there will be less likely to happen.  You would see the change in the sidewalk surface before you tripped and fell over it.

You can be assured the Spirit of you, your True Being, is always there.  It never abandons you.  It is always there with you, as you experience what is happening along the way, including all the turns, mishaps, and everything else.   When you are fully conscious of your Spirit, you are consciously working together observing all that is around and in you.  Imagine how much easier life is when you’re fully conscious in each moment with your mind focused on one thing at a time.  Life will be much clearer.

When your attention is on multiple things at once, you can’t remember things and are more likely to be forgetful.  You can’t live this way and be fully conscious.  You are here a little, there a little, and over there a little.  This is a very uncomfortable way to live.   

Now that you are aware of all of this, did you feel the little uplift inside of you that just happened?  Well, that feeling will become more and more prevalent as you focus on being conscious of one thing at a time.  Try it today.  See how it feels to actually do one thing at a time.  Keep your focus on that way of being.  As you walk to the kitchen to get something, don’t do something else on the way, and don’t entertain other thoughts.  Stay focused on why you are going to the kitchen.  Then when you get to the kitchen, you’ll actually remember why you’re there.  

It really is simple.  Watch and be aware today.  Stay focused and live consciously.  Go in peace knowing we are always here for you.