This Writing was in response to a question from me, but the message is for everyone.

Beloved Guides, writing seemed to be so much easier when I was writing Volume 1 of Tuning In To Spirit. Today there is just so much out there. People are not reading what comes to them. We skip through emails and delete many without even looking at them.  So what do I do with this thought that posting my writings on Word Press and Constant Contact is just too much for people? We are all on information overload.

It is not about information overload.  It is about what resonates with each individual. Everyone will not read the writings that come through or necessarily anything that you or someone else writes. But in truth, you don’t do it for that reason. You do it because it is something that Spirit wants to come through, and you are willing to open yourself to receive it. You then put it out there, and from that point, you must let it go with no attachment to who reads it or does not read it. It does not matter. You are not responsible for the outcome of your gift. 

What matters is you are allowing and doing what your Spirit wants to do through you. It gives you purpose. It helps you make a difference. It is about your own self-expression. You are doing what wants to be expressed through you right now, so let it go. This way of making a difference by doing and letting go is also true for everyone else.

Today is Memorial Day.  Many have lost their lives in the pursuit of peace on this planet. You can honor them by being the peace you want to see in the world.  When you are doing what you are meant to be doing, you will be at peace. You will be at peace in the knowing you are doing what it is that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment. You are doing it for your own soul’s journey this lifetime. You can let it all go and trust it will all unfold as it should with no help from you as far as making things happen your way. 

Show up and be the best version of yourself in every moment, and you will be at peace with whatever you are doing. You are loved with an everlasting love.

Be the love and peace you want to see in the world.

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