There is so much that is for your highest good. We will zero in on one that will encompass all of them so here goes. 

Pay attention to all the signs that are showing up for all of you. There are signs of good everywhere. You will see people reaching out to one another to help those in need.  Remember, something good comes out of everything. Look at your friend who gave homemade soup from her freezer to her neighbor who had just returned from a medical challenge and hospital stay. Your friend was the helping caring angel that showed up to help in the midst of a challenging situation.  

Look for all the angels in your own lives. You can find them anywhere if you look. Choose to see that rather than looking at all that seems not to be working. Although it appears there is much you could blame and judge in the world, we ask you to stay out of blame and judgment at all costs. There is also much love and caring and acts of kindness. They show you there is good everywhere and in the hearts of everyone. Keep your attention focused there and that is what will continue to grow. 

Be with like-minded people as much as you can. That keeps your own energy field high which is what you need. Just as you have angels that show up in your life to show you that you are cared for, you can be a helping caring angel in the lives of others. 

People lead busy lives. It seems busier than usual but that is not so. People have always been busy. There is always something to keep them busy even if it’s watching TV or zooms or whatever way they fill their days. It’s all the same; it all comes down to people having a way to pass their days. In the middle of the busyness, it is very important that you always take time for your spiritual work. This will keep you connected to the Divine at all times. It makes it easier for you to see the Divine in others. Although you can focus on appearances and judge and blame others, your divine connection will keep you focused on their divine nature and the good that is everywhere and in everything if you look for it. 

Another reason to not judge is that you do not know if what they are doing is part of the overall plan to wake up humanity. At this time, it is imperative everyone wakes up and works together.  Sometimes it takes dark things to wake people up, to mobilize them into some kind of action. Therefore, look at everything with the eyes of love and allow spirit to unfold in that way. You do not know until you experience it what is about to unfold. So, keep your spiritual loving eyes on everything.

Stay focused on the Divine knowing good is in all people even if you can’t see it and helping caring angels are everywhere. 

Be the love and light you want to see in the world.  

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