Beloveds, what would you like to share with us today?  Thank you.

Now is not the time for procrastinating in any area of your life.  Being a clear and perfect channel is easier than you think.  When you clear your plate of all that is not essential to your wellbeing, you will have plenty of time to do that which is yours to do.  Hear what we say here, ‘all that is yours to do.’  So, stay focused on what is really yours to do not the non-essential things that flood your lives on a constant basis. 

There are many distractions that pop into your lives regularly.  However, start filtering them out by asking yourself, “Is this essential to my wellbeing, to the wellbeing of the planet.  Only take on that which you can answer yes to in that regard. 

It has a lot to do with where you allow your mind to drift.  You can stop the drifting instantly by thinking of something that makes you smile, something that you are grateful for, something that warms your heart.  All of these are signs of something that is contributing to your wellbeing.  You can choose at this point to do only that which feeds your soul, your true essence. 

You have lots on your plate right now.  We are addressing everyone with this question.  What is it out of all those things on your plate that truly feeds your soul?  Do only that and let all the rest go.  You will find so much more time in your day when you actually do this.  Make a promise to yourself that this is the way you will live your life from now on. 

You ask what about family?  How do we do that?  It does not always feed your soul to attend to family.  However, family is family.  What you can do with family is love them just the way they are, right where they are in their human development which may not always be what you want them to be doing. 

Surrender to knowing they have a divine self within them also and see this for them.  Surrender them to their divine self, allowing them to fall and pick themselves up without you putting yourself in the position of being their savior.  They will learn at their own pace as you have.

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