One of the slogans I have been working with is “Keep an Open Mind.” That is not easy for someone who tries to control the outcome of everything around her. My aim, of course, is to “love what is” which requires an open mind. This has been a lifelong opportunity/challenge for me and I’m sure for many others. Giving up control is not easy when you’ve been doing it for years.

A perfect example of that is what happened this morning. I am away for the weekend visiting a friend in NH, and spoke to my husband, Bob, on the phone. I asked him what he had for dinner last night and he said that he had pizza. At one time I would have responded, I hope you had a salad too. However, I have made some positive changes along the way and refrained from saying anything in response because what he had for dinner is none of my business. Positive changes really are being made because tonight I didn’t even ask what he had for dinner. That is his choice without me checking up on him to make sure he ate what I think is a healthier choice.

Synchronicities abound. This morning I pulled a mug out of the cupboard and it was exactly what’s been going on. It was the only mug there. It has a drawing on the side of a character smiling out at me and it said, “Want to Know how you can be proud of me every day? Lower your expectations.” I had to really smile at the synchronicity of that mug being the only one there and it applying to exactly what I was dealing with to keep an open mind, love what is and forget about expectations of what I think others should or shouldn’t do.

I can still have expectations for a beautiful, wonderful, joyous day, and at the same time be grateful for whatever shows up with an open mind and heart.

When I asked for comments, this is what came through.

You are right, it is time for you to give up attempting to control everything. So, the cup and the whole set up of what has been happening in your life and in the lives of many is exactly what is good for you to “see” and focus on. One of the writings in Volume 1 of Tuning In To Spirit actually says let those who have the eyes to see, see.

We will share here again that it is long past time for so much and yet there are so many who do not feel called to see or to think there is anything to see other than their old tired way of being and living. You would like to help them get out of their lethargy into more awareness.

There is a way to do this without being controlling. That is to love you and them just as you are and to hold the vision of good health and prosperity in whatever area it is needed. Simply let go and let God without forcing anything. You will see how much more it flows with grace and ease in divine timing and divine order.

The writing Keep It Simple and Surrender from Tuning In To Spirit addresses this so keep it simple and surrender by keeping an open mind and allowing others to go at their own pace without trying to change them. Also, look at where you are trying to fine tune everything to make it more perfect. It will save you from a lot of wear and tear on your body and you will have a lot more energy to do what really is yours to do.

Simply stay tuned to what your spirit has in store for you, rather than focusing on all the things that need to be corrected or changed in your family, friends or in the world at large.