Beloved Guides, I am benefitting from A Course in Miracles with a major clearing and “seeing” what is actually happening in every area of my life, especially seeing me in action with giving people advice.  Dr. Caroline Myss said in her book, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, “Don’t complain, don’t explain and don’t give advice.”  I see that I have been explaining and giving advice for years.   Every time someone says something about what is going wrong or anything that sounds like they are asking for help, I get involved and give advice.  Now I see that is not the way to stay clear of this world of chaos and drama. There is a better way.  I invite you to share on this so we can move into a deeper way of “seeing” and living.

This is what I received in answer to my question.

Well, it is a gem of an idea to not complain, explain or give advice.  However, it is the way of the world here on planet earth to do just that and to even go further by trying to convince people of your way of thinking and seeing the world.  It is also the way for all of you to really get caught in this world and go deeper and deeper into it instead of extricating yourselves from it. 

You can choose to stop right now.  The power of choice is always yours.  Where you allow your thoughts to dwell is what determines everything around you. Remember this, your mind is part of God’s Mind and because of that you are really, really, very holy.  Take that in and be with it for a moment right now. Your mind is part of God’s Mind and you are very holy.  What does that mean?  It means that you have the gift of being able to dwell in God’s Mind even when people are calling for advice or anything at all that happens around you. 

You get to choose to stay in that wonderful clear space of being in God’s Mind and that makes everything you see holy because God’s Mind is holy.   After a while you don’t have to choose.  You simply do not see it.  You see only the holiness because you are dwelling in the peaceful holy Mind of God. 

Now that is definitely a happier place for you to live and to stay.  You really can stay there as long as you do not get caught in the trap of trying to help people with the thought that they need to be fixed in some way. 

So, let us make this even clearer by saying it again.  You can be of greater service by simply seeing them as they are, holy like you, and everything becomes holy because you see it as so.  You see the person or situation they are having a challenge with and them and you as absolutely holy. You don’t venture into the area that sees yourself or the others as not holy, as making all these mistakes with all the challenges.   You let it simply be without climbing into it.  Peace finds its way into the situation because you are at peace within yourself and that is what you bring to the person, to the situation, to the world. That is your gift.

You start by simply asking the Holy Spirit, or whatever you call your own inner guide, for help in that moment and rest and listen.  Be with the person or situation in a place of total openness to the H.S. and you will know it is simply your job to be there because that is where you find yourself. 

However, you no long choose to get embroiled in drama in other people’s or your own.  You simply be with them resting in God’s mind which is absolute perfection and you rest there with them.  You may not realize it but that is the greatest gift you can give them and you.  Because you are staying clear of all that is unlike peace and staying in peace and being in a place of openness to hear the divine guidance that comes from within you. You are not in the problem.  You are in the mind of God that is within you and ready to speak to you in a moment if you are willing to listen. 

So, go in peace giving this way of being a chance so you see the fruits of what happens when you just let go, truly let go, and let God, like so many other wise beings of light have said before.

4 thoughts on “POWER OF CHOICE

  1. This rings so true to me because it is in perfect alignment with Ernest Holmes’ form of spiritual treatment. See only the perfection of God in the person or situation. The drama, appearances, and details are not the Truth. Give them no focus, no attention. Bring only the truth of God’s Holiness that is around, within, and over all of His creations. God blesses us all every moment in the moment. Peace is the prayer, gift, the answer. Thank you Blessed Spirit.


  2. Patricia, this is a beautiful post, as all of your writings are. You are so filled with love, light and wisdom. I am grateful to know you and call you my friend.



    • Hi Jackie, wonderful to hear from you. I am so happy to be writing again. It fills me with joy. I’ll be leaving for Palm Harbor, Florida on Monday 2/18, taking the car train from Lorton, VA. I plan to write often in Florida. It will be a sabbatical, an amazing retreat with plenty of time to write, read, and walk in the sunshine. Love you Patricia xo 🙂


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