Happy New Year, 2019!

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, of the New Year, and I am so happy to be alive and doing God’s work, our Divine Intelligence, Who knows exactly what is important for us to do and be in every moment.

I awakened this morning with a sense of renewal and power in the divine action that I know is flowing through me, through all of us, in this moment and in every future moment.  As I stay focused on that in each moment, I absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that God is right here in the midst of all of it.  We are never alone for one moment.  Thank you, God, for that realization, for that awakening.  

Beloved Guides, what would you share with us on this New Years Day? 

We have much to share in the coming days with those who make the choice to listen.  It really is a choice because with so much going on around you, there is much interruption and you make the choice in every moment about what you will listen to, where you will put your energy and your focus.  Whether it is happiness, blessings and joy and surrender to the Divine Intelligence or trying to go it alone, trying to make things happen the way you think they should . 

Children of the Light, it is always your choice about where you will focus, so what will you focus your amazing energy on today?  Make that choice right now and speak it out right now.  Speak the creative words that you want to see in your life.

Simply say, I see…………………and speak what you want to see in your life, what your intention for 2019 is.  Speak it as if it already is.  The fields are already white with harvest.  As you see it, you create it with the energy of the Divine Intelligence, God, that lives and breathes you.  Can you feel it now pulsing through every cell of your being, carrying healing energy every moment right now, right now, right now.  Because this moment of right now is the only moment there is, and then this moment turns into the next and the next and that is how you create your life. 

I see myself being the love of God in action, holding all including myself in compassion and love, seeing the blessing in everything, surrendering my whole attention to the presence of God within me, within everyone and assisting others with the same.

Thank you, Beloved Creator, for a 2019 filled with your love flowing through everyone and everything. 

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year, 2019!

  1. Love this message. Thank you, Patricia. Your ministry is such a powerful force for good in the world and in my life.

    I love you, Jackie

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    • Jackie, I feel so positive and uplifted about what we are all doing together. What a tribe we are. You very aptly named your blog, the “The Vibe Tribe” – all of us vibrating together as One. We are changing the world one vibration at a time rippling out. It’s getting stronger and stronger. I can feel it. I love you, Patricia xo 🙂


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