Experience It All With A Loving Heart

Writing 12-20-18

Every morning at the end of our guided Growing the Light of our Soul and Spirit meditation call, I randomly open to a writing in the book, Tuning In To Spirit.  Information about the conference call and the book are on the right side of this page.  This morning I opened to Experience It All With A Loving Heart on Page 91. The writing originally came through on 12-6-13.  We agreed it was very relevant for us today so it would be good to share it again with all of you so here it is.

Writing 12-6-13

I asked my Guides, “Why do I do what I don’t want to do, and not do what I want to?” The following was the reply.

The perennial question, dear one. You are on the human level in a human body with lots of deeply embedded patterns that are working themselves out this lifetime.

Let it unfold as it will and just be with it as it unfolds. Your experience of all of it with awareness of what’s happening is key. You have for some time been “watching” this process.  Continue to do so remembering joy is why you are here. Joy is the greatest service you can provide to others and to this planet for it has such a high vibration that it pulls everything else up with it. This is the master plan and you are all participating in it valiantly. Day by day you continue and you do the best you can. This is all you can do.

Where improvement can happen is when you “see” what you have done or not done, be kinder to your self with the realization you are doing the best you can at a human level. This is important because your own vibration depends on it. You cannot be vibrating to joy when you are telling yourself how you “should” have done or not done something in a harsh way.

You do what you do until you don’t. Can you be OK with this? The more you feel you are doing something wrong, the more you are empowering it with your energy and you keep it going. Let this writing be the healing it is meant to be.

Focus on the inner joy that is already within you bubbling to the surface when you are not telling yourself you “should” do better. You can all be shining lights for one another by practicing self-acceptance and self-love by realizing Who you are.

You are the hands and feet of your God Self. You are Divine here experiencing being human with all the patterns. So not wanting those patterns is a waste of your precious energy. Simply experience it all with an open mind and an open loving heart.

2 thoughts on “Experience It All With A Loving Heart

  1. This is one of my favorite writings in the book. Jesus said, “love thy neighbor as thyself.” It is quoted again and again, and I believe the majority of us practice this daily- loving our neighbor through kindness, support, friendship, respect, praise, sharing, and so much more. Yet how often do I find that I need to practice the reverse, “love myself as I love my neighbor!” This writing so lovingly and gently reminds me to be as loving and gentle with myself as I am with others. Reading this writing weekly would be a perfect, loving gift to myself. Thank you, Patty and your morning companions for this beautiful reminder. A Glorious, Blessed Christmas to all.


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