Beloved Child of God, what do you consider is one of the most important things on your agenda for you to focus on?  We will start with that. 

How do I stay on track and do what I say I’m going to do rather than getting sidetracked into other things?

What you call sidetracks are often where you plant seeds of love and anywhere you plant seeds of love is important.  Think of all the people you stop and talk with, those you assist on the phone, those you pray with and for.  Think about what you do for your family, preparing meals for them, washing their clothes, keeping their closets straightened out.  Seemingly little things, but as you do them with care and love, they become very important to the energy in your heart, in their hearts, in your home, and in the world.  Everything counts.

Doing things out of love because you care is the highest service you can do on this planet.  It is more about being than doing because you are being loving, extending love as you do whatever it is that you do.  You are giving your Higher Power/God room in your life, you are being God’s hands and feet.  You are how God shows up.  The more you do that consciously, the more the illusion of separation begins to disappear, and you find yourself feeling one with God, with everyone and everything.

So be conscious in the moment about what you are doing.  Often people do things mindlessly on remote control like robots and that is not the way to do anything in a fruitful uplifting way.  Bring your consciousness fully present in each moment as you perform a task, as you say hello to someone or even park your car, or talk to the Salvation Army person in front of the store   Wherever it is that you find yourself, be aware that Spirit, God, Energy, Source, Force, Healer, Creator, Higher Power is present within you, all around you and focus on it.

Visualize the front cover of Tuning In To Spirit and see yourself like that, radiating light and love everywhere, above you, below you, in front of you, in back of you, within you, everywhere.  It is the highest order of doing anything, to do it while you are being conscious that light is who you are, your spirit and who the other person is.  It reminds you that you are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.  That is a great thing to remember on this planet, so you don’t forget who you really are. 

As enough people actually do this, it sweeps around the planet, going far and wide, lifting the energy.  So BE CONSCIOUS.  See yourself as the light always radiating the light.  That is the most important thing you can do.

As you focus on being conscious, it will help to bring your mind into one-pointedness instead of all over the place, worried about this thing or that thing, which never accomplishes anything except lowering your energy field and the energy field of the person you are worried about. 

Worrying is something that really must stop if you are going to lift your vibration and be a true help on the planet.  Today and every day begin to practice seeing yourself as the light, radiating the light.  At the drop of a hat you can stop worrying if you really trust that God/your Higher Power has your back.  You are not alone.  

You are filled and surrounded with God’s energy in you, all around you.  It is in nature; it is in the animals; it is in people.  If you choose to see that, it is how it will be for you. 

Seeing and feeling God’s energy all around you will push anything you are worried about right off the map because you will know God, the energy of light and love, is with the other person too, in them and in their energy field.   You build it for them and the world as you focus on God’s energy being present.

Whatever you focus on actually grows bigger and bigger.  That is how powerful you are.  You are the creators of your own world so start creating what you want to see in the world.  Just believe it is so, and you will see it. 

Dear Children of God, we are here to help you always, so call on us often throughout the day.  Call out to God, your Higher Power, “Divine Presence, dear God, I love you so much.  I am so glad we are partners, co-creators.   Thank You for reminding us of that every day, dear God.   Thank you, thank you, thank you. “

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  1. Breathtaking! I felt my consciousness raising and raising as I read each paragraph. The joy of Being and my part of being is so beautifully expressed. Our daily sharing and doing done consciously and in the moment is our gift of God to the world. We are all individual beacons of Light by opening our hearts and letting it shine through.

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