I honor the Light within me and within others.  We are clear and perfect channels.  I am affirming that for the world.  That we are all clear and perfect channels for the light. 

Beloved Guides, how can this writing contribute to all of us being clear and perfect channels for the light to flow through.

Forgiveness is the key.  Wherever you are holding on to old ways of being, thinking and doing that are not for the highest good, you impede the light from coming through.  Situations in your life become more compelling so that you will pay attention.  Whether it is physical, relationships or financial, it is all the same.

The challenge in that area means that there is someplace hiding in you in your subconscious, or you may actually be conscious of it, and it WILL show up in your life to show you that very thing.  On some level, you may still hold someone responsible for something that happened that affected you, which causes that very place in you to grow larger.   

So be aware of it as much as you can without resisting what it is.  Write about it, reflect on it, bring it to the Divine. You will see what it is that you have been unable to release. 

With more light from the Universe flowing in, the darkness becomes even more pronounced.  It is not a punishment.  It is an opportunity for you to go deeper into the subconscious and unearth all that is unlike the true light of your spirit.  It is all how you “see” it.  So, see it as an opportunity and rejoice in your own heart that this is coming up now for you to deal with. 

Ask and see what comes up for you around people or situations, challenges that recur in your life to let you know it is time for you to do the work of clearing the soil of your subconscious, so it is fertile soil for new seeds of love and light to glow brightly.  You are after all Light.  Your very core is the Light of the Divine.  You were created out of the Divine Light Itself.  So, you really are only learning to let it shine through you freely, unencumbered by old feelings of unforgiveness, remorse, and resentment, that will not go away. This is what you turn over to the Divine and ask for help with.  It is no shame that you can’t do something.  It is really the reason you are here on earth, to ask for the help of the Divine with being the love that you truly are that you came to BE in the third dimension. 

Take no time being angry at yourself and others because that wastes your energy needed for other work that you came to be and do here in this realm.  It is all a matter of giving it over and forgiving yourself for how long you think it took. 

There is no time in spirit.  So, go at your own pace and know it is coming up, so you can see it more clearly and do the work of releasing it.  You can see it clearly because you can see the areas of your life where you fall into the same old potholes.  You can see where your life seems not to be working and you can be aware of them with the realization that you can do something about it. 

You can discuss it with the Divine.  You can really speak to the Divine as if It were sitting right there with you.  It is.  It is within you, within everyone and everything.   Adopt these conversations as if they were your best friend because they are.  These conversations will help you transition into this way of being unconditionally loving and forgiving.  They will take it to the next level for you so you can radiate this pure love and forgiveness to everyone around you. 

Have no fear.  As we have said before, fear is the difference between trusting the Divine and having faith It always has your back and doubting and being skeptical with thoughts like it hasn’t worked before so why should it work now or any thoughts that cast doubt on your effort to feel the Divine within you and all around you.  That very feeling of ONENESS will go a long way toward your comfort level here on this realm in the middle of what is going on all around you.  Whether it is you, your own family or the world family, there are things that are being transformed at a very deep level

Know that every time something comes up for you to see and be deeply aware of, you can go to the Divine, talk to the Divine.  Make it a priority every day and so it is that you will feel the comfort of not being alone, adrift in a world you feel uncomfortable in. 

Also, remember to talk to one another.  What you share from your deepest hearts is so important for your soul’s growth.  You are here together, healing and evolving together as One.  What you do for yourself, you do for others. 

At the top of the list is taking care of yourself.  Get enough rest, eat good food, walk, read, go to bed earlier and do what is for your highest good.  This is really possible when you turn to the Divine in you. 

You are loved with an everlasting love. 

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