Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I was looking at what gratitude does in my life.  It lifts my mood and it actually changes the course of my day from meandering along to actually doing something positive and uplifting.  It could be as simple as texting good wishes or calling family and friends and wishing them Happy Thanksgiving.  That changes my energy and maybe even theirs. 

In the face of everything there is much to be thankful for.  I am grateful for simply being alive.  I am grateful for my family, for friends that are like family that I appreciate having in my life. 

I like to look for opportunities around me to share gratitude with others for the small things as well as the larger things. I am grateful when I see someone rescue a tiny bug.  I check out the shower before I turn on the water to make sure I’m not about to drown a water bug. 

I appreciate the sign in my office given to me by a dear friend that says “Friend, you are a precious part of me.”

Thank you to all those who are serving at soup kitchens to feed the homeless, for those who say “Hello, have a good day” or “Happy Thanksgiving,” for the grocery clerk who goes out of her way to help me find something. 

I’m always grateful for the people who take the time to let me drive out in front of them, so I’m not stuck on a side street.  It’s one of my favorite things to do for others.

The other day I was thinking of how grateful I am for my washing machine, something most of us take for granted.  These may not be monumental things, but they lift my mood and help me dwell on the positive and uplifting things around me. 

What things can you think of in your day to be grateful for?

Thank you for being a blessing in my life today on Thanksgiving Day as well as every day. 




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