Sprinkling Stardust Wherever We Find Ourselves

Writing 10-11-18

I just returned from taking our dog, Cammie, to the Vet for her teeth cleaning. I felt sad at leaving her like I was leaving a part of my heart behind. It felt that way because since she has been with us, she has woven herself into our hearts and opened them as she fills us with her totally unconditional love.

As I was leaving, I held the door for five beautiful beings of light, Nicki, who was the Mom, and three little girls, Ava, Nora, and Ayla and their dog. Ayla was in a carrier around her mom’s chest. I learned that the girls are all two years apart.

I had already started my car and was about to pull out when I saw them walking back out and “Something” said go share with them about Rainbow Children since she has three of them. So, that’s exactly what I did. I was also guided to write the words Rainbow Children on my card and give it to her so she would not forget by the time she arrived home. We had a wonderful conversation.

Ava reached out for her Mom’s card, so I gave her one too. I knelt down in front of Ava and asked if she wanted a hug and she reached out and hugged me. Then, I opened my arms to her little sister, Nora, and she rushed into them. I gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. Ava asked, why did you kiss us, a profound question for a child of her age, of any age actually.

These Rainbow Children are wise beyond their years. As I pointed to her chest, I shared with her that she had a light in her that I had in me, and I pointed to my heart. I said that light is in everyone and it wanted to reach out and hug the light in her.

She asked, next time could you come home with us. I shared with her that I would be happy to and we could have a tea party together if her Mom wanted to invite me. Her Mom said tea parties are Ava’s favorite thing. I felt higher than a kite when I drove out of the parking lot.

It never fails that when I listen to the voice of “Something,” the divine that is the light within me, that profound things happen all around me. I love the writing in http://tuningintospiritbook.com/ titled The Divine’s Middle Name Is ‘Something” on page 51 because it reminds me it never stops talking to me. It is constantly reminding me I am the catalyst for joy, love, light and peace, and I can radiate that wherever I find myself, even at the vet’s office.

“Something” will always tell me where I can sprinkle some stardust in the lives of those I meet. This morning that beautiful stardust sprinkled itself into the heart of a Mom who was trying to usher her dog and three little girls through the door that I was blessed enough to get to hold for them.

This is the writing that followed.

You, indeed, do have a light within you and it is always listening for an opportunity to reach out and connect with the light in others uniting everyone as one. There is only one light and it is in everything, so the Mom was your opportunity to share the beautiful light you all are with her and her family and awaken it in them.

It is up to you what you do with this awakened light in you. You have a light that is bigger and bigger and bigger the more you share it with others, so keep sharing yourself and the light flows out into the world.

It is not a profoundly complicated thing you do. It is simple. It is simply giving the act of love and openness to others and letting them into your heart which opens their heart and your heart a little more each time you share it.

It grows as you share it. There is no limitation of it. You cannot run out of it. You can only expand it by sharing it, so share away. Share your light everywhere and let the chips fall where they may.

Life is less about planning and more about appreciating and loving what you have now which is love and more love. It really does grow the more you share it

2 thoughts on “Sprinkling Stardust Wherever We Find Ourselves

  1. Thank you, Patty, for sharing such a lovely story and writing. I so enjoy and appreciate all your stories and writings in your book, Tuning Into Spirit. I have ordered it on Amazon and shared it with many friends. Have a beautiful day, but then I know you will for you also share your inner and outer beauty with all you meet. Love and hugs to you my friend.


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