Now is the time to increase your spiritual practice and your vigilance for what is showing up in your life to deter you from the most important practice you can do to start each day. When you tune into Spirit, God, Source, Divine, Higher Power, you set yourself on the right course. You turn your will over to the Supreme Being that lives and breathes you.

Life really IS moving at a faster pace. So many of you ask what happened to the last month, the last year, where did it go, how could it have gone this fast?

The more you pack into each day without stopping to appreciate the day, to give thanks for it, the faster your days go without any respite, without true satisfaction and deep fulfillment. Push the pause button, take a deep breath and drink in moments of respite. Then you can ask what the next step is to move on to. Pause, breathe, ask, listen, receive, then take action. That is the formula to follow each day.

You ask for guidance, you listen for it and then you act on the guidance. If you hear nothing, you proceed with the next thing that shows up in a loving way and see what unfolds from that.

It is a simple way to be and yet at the same time, it is not easy because your busy minds and the busy world around you encourage you to go faster and do more. You know that is not the way to a happy, fulfilled way of life and being so why do you do it? Let’s examine it for a moment. There are many things that you avoid looking at within you and in your life, and doing more helps you to not look at them, keeps you too busy to make any changes.

Where in your life are there ways of being that you feel would be helpful to you such as taking moments to go within, taking time to smell the roses, to simply breathe in gratitude for times of respite, to exercise, to eat healthier, to drink more water?

How can you thank the Divine for moments of respite when you don’t take time for respite between projects or things you are doing and hurry on to the next thing that presents itself?

Starting today, if you are not doing it already, stop to take a deep breath between each project or whatever you are doing and say to yourself, thank you God for a job well done. Breathe into it and then move onto your next action. You will feel more rested, peaceful and fulfilled as you move through your day taking moments of respite with the Divine that lives and breathes you. You will actually accomplish things in a more peaceful, creative, centered way. Conscious communion with spirit is becoming your way of living.

You are loved with an everlasting love.