Many of us have been having a challenge with being unconditionally loving and feeling judgmental in this time of so much happening in the world around us on a daily basis. It does not feel good. It feels stressful. I have been avoiding judging myself about it and simply observing it and feeling the feelings.

We are in the right and perfect place to move to the next level of consciousness. On a deeper level, we already know this. We can choose to watch ourselves as we move through these feelings. They will subside at some point, so, for now, we can just be with them. See them and be the recipient of unconditional love from you to you. It is so important to receive the love you give yourself, to take it in; and be understanding and compassionate, to really feel it.

That is part of our growth in consciousness, our self-growth, to observe it, and be with the judgment you may feel about yourself for not doing better with it. You can only do as good as you do, knowing you are a wonderful work in progress on this third-dimensional realm. In truth, we are already the perfection of God. However, on this realm, there is much that is being transformed, so we can simply allow the transformation to unfold as it does, and be with it and love ourselves for exactly where we are.

This is easier said than done because it does not happen overnight that you install a new pattern and let go of an old one. An old judgment is more difficult because it seems to be indelibly imprinted in your heart and mind. Know this, it is NOT indelibly imprinted. This is not a permanent condition. It is temporary and we have come a long way in changing it already.

The more we experience what we are experiencing, and simply be with it without judgment, the more healing takes place. After a while, we will welcome these opportunities for going deeper and deeper into the heart of God, allowing all the old judgment to be removed by the Divine as It works through us as love to all around us.

Go in peace knowing we are all loved with an everlasting love.


We are all transformed in each new day as we let our minds be renewed. In the Bible it actually says, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Today I allowed that to happen with the constant idea from A Course in Miracles, “I am as God created me.” I kept saying it over and over again. I actuially typed it and posted it around the house and on all the mirrors so I would continue to see it and be reminded that I am as God created me, whole and perfect.

In that one idea is the past, all the old “stuff” undone, making room for the present moment, which is the only moment in which God exists. In this present moment creation takes place. We create from moment to moment with whatever we allow our minds to focus on.

When we bring past thoughts constantly into the present moment, we create it in the next moment. In the thought, I am as God created me, we remember our perfection. God has created us as perfect.

We really are made in God’s image and likeness. God lives and breathes in us, as us. We are the Divine’s hands and feet here on this planet. We are how God shows up.

Every ounce of love, kindness, compassion and understanding that flows through us is God flowing out into the world through us. That is our mission, our job here on earth, why we took on physical form.

As we keep remembering who we are, that we are as God created us, whole and perfect, our lives are transformed, and we remember the essence of our being is pure love.