Reach Out A Helping Hand

Now is a time of huge repercussions and an amazing opportunity for all to stand steadfast in the faith they know to be true, which is that with God all things are possible.  It is a choice about where we choose to focus our attention.  Each day you have the opportunity to look at the world around you and see the death of the good or the rebirth of the good in the hearts of  everyone who is awakening at this time.  There are many who are awakening at this time.

As you all join together as one in the light, it is this very light that is sweeping across the planet transforming all into a place of light where you all reach out to one another a helping hand wherever you can.  Where you see a need, it is you that can step forward and be the hands and feet of God showing up to make the situation, no matter what it is, better because you chose to help in whatever way you could.

You all have some resource to contribute whether it is your time, talent or treasure.  It is there and it is up to you to see where it is that you can reach out a helping hand and assist others.  You can do it.  You really can.

Look around you and see where there is a need.  You can volunteer.  You can bring food to the food pantry, to the salvation army, to wherever it is in your town where they feed the hungry and the homeless.  You have so many resources at hand that you can bring to the table.

With all helping, no one will go hungry for food or spiritual sustenance.  Prayer is at the top of all of it.  Praying for the highest good of all is huge at this time so all are taken care of.

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