The Art of Self-Growth

I have been having a challenge with being loving.  I watch myself in the act of feeling unloving,  judgmental and perfectionistic; it does not feel good.  I have been avoiding judging myself about it and simply observing it and feeling the feelings.  What can you share with me about this situation that I find myself in where I feel judgmental and unloving?

You are in the right and perfect place to move to the next level of consciousness.  You already know this, so we are preaching to the choir here.  There is nothing you can do about this except be with it and watch yourself as you move through these feelings.  They will subside at some point, so for now just be with them.   See them and be the recipient of unconditional love from you to you.  That is all you can do in a situation like this; receive the love you give yourself and the understanding and compassion.

That is part of the art of self-growth, to simply observe it, and be with the judgment you may feel about yourself for not doing better with it.  You can only do as good as you do, knowing you are a wonderful work in progress on this third dimensional realm.  In truth, you need do nothing to change.  You are already the perfection of God.  However, on this realm, there is much that is being transformed, so simply allow the transformation to unfold as it does, and be with it and love yourself.

This is easier said than done because it does not happen overnight that you install a new pattern and let go of an old one.  An old judgement is the worst kind because it seems to be indelibly imprinted in your heart and mind.  Know this, it is not indelibly imprinted. This is not a permanent condition.  It is temporary and you have come a long way in changing it already.

The more you experience what you are experiencing, and simply be with it without judgment, the more healing takes place.  After a while, you will welcome these opportunities for going deeper and deeper into the heart of God, allowing all the old judgment to be removed by the Divine as It works through you as love to all around you.

Go in peace knowing you are loved with an everlasting love.

One thought on “The Art of Self-Growth

  1. Right now and everyday so many people on this earth journey are loving you and sending you abundant houghts of gratitude and blessings that you are in their lives. Your truth touches so many souls. So today just rest and be in that unconditional love from all of us. Let God and us carry you today. Remind yourself as you gently do for all of us, what you are going through is unavoidable as it is just part of being on earth in the midst of he human race consciosness. Wrap up in a comfy blanket, get a cup of tea, look out the window and see the beauty and wonders also part of earth, and know something absolutely awesome is happening to you today. As always we are in sinc. I just spent the morning in a similar space. I patiently waited giving it no extra energy, watched tv, and ate ice cream (a “treat,” but controlled amount- no guilt just a delightful earthly pleasure). am now getting dressed and on with a busy day at home with Bob and Miss Kitty. I love me, and I love you so much, my dearest friend.


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