Please Pray with Me


Please pray with me. Let’s join in oneness and love as we visualize hurricane Irma’s energy lifted into the light and dissolved by our prayers as we join in oneness with this intention to make it so. Spiritual teacher and friend, Karen Paolino Correia, shared the prayer below in her newsletter this morning and asked us to pass it on so please do. Love, Patricia xo

“I continue to ask you and all my friends, spiritual healers and all those that want to see Irma’s energy slowed and transformed, to re-member with me your Divine True nature as a spiritual being. Proclaim your powerful birthright to transform energy and to join in oneness. Here is the proclamation if you would join me…

‘I declare in the name of the Divine That I Am, joined in oneness with our eternal Divine Family of masters, enlightened ones, and loved ones in Spirit, that the energy of Irma, be lifted into the Divine Energy of Peace, Love and Transmutation where it is brought to peace and where it no longer has its affects on the earth and all of its inhabitants. Keep all well, safe, and protected and in your Divine presence and peace. Watch over all right now around the world and help us move our focus from fear to faith, prayer, and love. We proclaim this and declare this to be so.’

I ask this with love for all of us as family. And so it is.

😇PLEASE SHARE so all join in the power of prayer and love.”

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