Discernment, Creativity and Contentment

Beloveds, Divine Mind that is God, I love you.  I was feeling bereft, and it has occurred to me it is the absence of staying connected to You through the Writings each day that contributes to feeling bereft, so I am coming back regularly to keep that channel open.  One of the things I have had on my mind is the angel cards I drew about discernment, creativity and contentment. What say you?

The angel cards are wonderful in their clearness.  It did not take us to evaluate for you their meaning.  It is so obvious that each word leads to the next; you must have creativity in your life to experience contentment, and you must use discernment to choose the path of creativity rather than the busyness that can envelop your life and take you off course.

The world seems to have gotten caught up in busyness of one kind or another.  Children are not allowed to be children playing outdoors and enjoying the freedom of their lives; they are so involved in all manner of sports and programs and other things, as well as their iPhones and social media that they are adults way before their time, with the amount of responsibility those things bring with them.

It is time to return to the sanity of taking respite times for the soul, and the body will benefit from that respite greatly.  Contentment in life is necessary.  One must feel that it is all right with the world within themselves, that they have a connection to the higher realms, and it starts right in their own hearts, not outside in something that is done to make you feel better.

That is how you get caught up in doing too much.  Because that which is really yours to do is for your and everyone’s highest good.  If you take on that which is not yours to do, you have no contentment and don’t do what your soul really wants to do.

The only thing that makes you feel better is your connection to your soul, to your spirit, to the divine that lives and breathes in you, through you.  How can you feel content when you feel separated from the voice that leads you each day into what is yours to do?  So the answer is to stay connected.

8 thoughts on “Discernment, Creativity and Contentment

  1. Thank You Thank You !’ Although my caregiving for others feeds my creativity and my passion for our elders. Reading this had reminded me to take time out to solitarily feed my soul and connect.
    Love, Love, Love and Gratitude ❤️

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  2. I’ve been mindful of this the last few years and it’s changed my life! I have far less anxiety and more quality time to be still and think, as well as do fun things with my children. I used to run around like a crazy woman in an attempt to get 3 days worth of work done in 1 day. When I take time to ‘do nothing’ or to feed my soul with a fun activity, Everything in life is better. Love you Patricia!


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