Divine Timing and Divine Order in this December Holiday Season and Any Time

Patricia’s Question to her Beloved Guides:

 Beloveds, what can we do when we see our families struggle with the dilemmas and challenges in their lives during this holiday season and all through the year.

 The Beloved’s Response:

 You can pray for your families, because it is up to them to resolve what you perceive as dilemmas and challenges as they interact with one another, without putting yourself in the middle of what is going on with them.  It is about what they are each guided to do from within their own hearts. 

 Your desire is to bring them together in peace and harmony during this Christmas season and for it to carry over.  However, you can help most by staying out of the actual “stuff “of it all and simply be loving and continue to pray for them. Visualize them all together as a family caring for each other; seeing them hugging, holding hands, smiling, being together, and visiting one another, celebrating together.  

 In many families around the world and throughout time there is much work to be done at an unconscious level around ways of being and interacting with one another.  Whether families decide to do the work NOW is up to them in their own timing.

 Your work is to love them all exactly the way they are.  Simply remember that each is on their own path, so just be with each one and release your desire to fix them.  Keep visualizing them whole, happy, caring for each other and filled with love.  Your role is to envision their wholeness.  Not an easy one when you want to step in and help everyone.  

 Prayer does work, you know, so keep praying and trusting that all is flowing in divine timing and divine order. Prayer will strengthen your own faith in the Light, the Higher Power, God within each one and in all things. 

 Our closing words to all are to be the caretaker of your own life. When you focus on caretaking others to the exclusion of yourself, you are doing a disservice to yourself and the others.

 Have a wonderful Christmas season and a brand new year.  It is really all coming together in divine timing and divine order, you know, as much as it looks like it is falling apart.  We love you all with an everlasting love.  








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