Friends and family are experiencing grief over the passing of loved ones so I asked my Spirit Guides about it and they shared this.

Many are passing on so please know that all those leaving the planet for other realms are safe and sound, and their only grief is the grief you suffer at their loss. Their message is for you to know they have gone on to continue their work in the Light.  They are well and are continuing their work. It makes it easier for them to do the work they are doing when they know you are aware of this.

Grief is definitely understandable. Knowing they are well helps to relieve some of your pain and that is very important. Know that no matter how they left this realm, they are well now and have their own work to do.

Grief is a natural process of life. There is grief over many things in life: sickness, death, the close of one phase of life and the beginning of another. The beginning of a new phase of life is hampered by long periods of intense grief.

Please smell the roses in the midst of your grief.  Let other help you so you can see the blessing they are in your life.  Accept the support of the angels all around you, physical as well as those not in physical form, who are always there for you to call on and, most of all, your Christ Self that is within you right now and always.


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