Responding to Inner Guidance

I received the message on 11-28-16 from my beloved spirit guides when I asked them about the movie, Arrival, which I had just seen.  If you have not seen the movie and plan to, this writing about it does tell you the story and the ending as well as some wonderful guidance.  It may help you to understand the movie better than you would otherwise. It’s a great example of acting on inner guidance with amazing results.

After seeing the movie, I realized there is a message here: the shifts that are occurring are way beyond what we can experience with our physical faculties or express with our limited vocabulary.

I will describe a little about the movie which led to me receiving the guidance from my spirit guides. In the movie, 12 huge spaceships came to earth arriving in several different countries. Chaos ensued around the planet due to their arrival. Even though the spaceships did not do anything except arrive, the people reacted in fear and began to prepare for the worst.

The star of the movie, Amy Adams, tried to speak to the aliens and the aliens tried to speak to her in their way; it took months for them to make any progress in understanding one another. Each country working on their own solution, no communication with other countries where space ships had landed. The state of emergency around the planet got worse. The conclusion of the movie was that it took all of the countries working together sharing what each had received from the spaceship that had landed in their country to bring about world peace.

My Spirit Guides shared these insights with me about the movie:

Child of God, realize that at the very end it was a message from another realm, the realm of spirit, which changed the impending course from war to the different countries peacefully working together.

In the Mind of God there is no lack or limitation of any kind, and that Mind is in you. That is the message that is underlying everything: that Mind is in you guiding you. Even in the movie it is underlying everything. The heart/mind of God is the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven that is so wistfully spoken of as if it is a place to go, to be, to have as part of your life. However, the Kingdom of God is right here, right now within you.

God is the power and the energy and peace within you that you seek. It lives and breathes you so relax, and do not make such difficult work out of it all.  You can wait for the timing to be right, or right this minute you can accept that the kingdom of peace is already within you. Your spiritual heart already has all the answers. Words are unnecessary.

When you feel the urge to help someone, do you need words to motivate you? That urge is spirit, which is within you right now. As you begin to abide in the peace of God and live each day, guidance comes forth with grace and ease in divine timing and divine order; no trying, no pushing, nothing other than following the guidance that shows up.

My Spirit Guides continued by reminding me of something from the movie.

Remember in the movie as they were evacuating the building where the scientists had all gathered, Amy Adams had a compelling urge to find a cell phone. She ran around looking for a cell phone and she found one. It happened to be the director’s cell phone that he had inadvertently left behind. She picked it up and dialed China and spoke to the Chinese President and that led to the beginning of the negotiations that would eventually lead to world peace.

This happened because she listened to the guidance that was urging her to take the next step that would lead to world peace. She did not have a clear picture of what she was doing, but she followed the guidance to find a cell phone and call the Chinese President. The message she gave him came from his wife who had passed on. She spoke to her husband through Amy. Whatever it was that she said to him in Chinese caused him to change his mind and become the leader in bringing about world peace.

Remember there is so much you do not know; you are being helped from other realms. You all have intuitive guidance constantly impelling you in every now moment and you must be able to hear it. In the moment Amy heard it, she acted on it.

Here is the opportunity: guidance comes often to your inner ear. Will you act at that moment or will you hesitate?  If you do not act on it, you will forget it; and the next moment comes and the next, and the guidance will be forgotten as you move on. Today, practice being aware of compelling urges, what “comes” to you from inner guidance and respond.  Follow through with action and see where it leads you.

Remember, shifts are occurring way beyond what you can experience with your physical faculties or express with your limited vocabulary.

3 thoughts on “Responding to Inner Guidance

  1. Patricia,
    Thank You so much for sharing. Having read and heard spirits message through your writing I feel the energy of courage and faith asking me to ACT without hesitation on spirits guidance. I Love You, Cindy


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