Offering a Hand to a Hand

Hi all, this writing just “popped up” out of the blue for me to read today.  
It originally was shared with us by my beloved guides back on 11/21/13
and is even more pertinent today given our world and political situation.  
It’s such a wonderful reminder.  

Time is of the essence on your realm because things on your planet are

moving faster and faster.  All is not well from one perspective because

it looks and feels like things as you know them are falling apart.  From a

different perspective you can see life is sorting itself out.  You are moving

from one way of being and seeing to another.

As a result, it looks like things as you knew them are falling apart, the

educational system, the political system.  Even many religious beliefs are

changing to a more spiritual way of being in the world.  Not an eye for an eye

but offering a hand to a hand to be of service to one another and the planet

without thinking your way is the only right way.

Your perspectives and horizons are widening to be inclusive rather than

exclusive.  You can see easily how that would shift life on this planet.  It is

fostering and engendering the heart being more accepting of what is and

yet not allowing yourself to be apathetic.  Apathy is lack of interest or

motivation.  Accepting is accepting life, knowing in the long run all is well;

there is a divine purpose.

With the Divine all things are possible even saving planet earth, beloved

Gaia, from extinction.  She will be saved and so will you.  You are not alone.

All the spirit world around is at hand to assist as you move toward a deeper

realization of your divine nature, of oneness with one another at the core of

your being where you are all divine.