Healing Is An Inside Job

There is no place you have to go to receive healing.  It is an inside job and that is where you will find not only the healer to work with but the healing will occur more rapidly because there is no digging for what to heal.

Every moment is a moment in which to heal. You can do it each time you see yourself second-guessing and judging yourself, telling yourself that you should have done something differently. That is a really damaging thing to do to yourself because it reinforces the very first wounding no matter what the timing of it was or where or when or what lifetime.

Second guessing and judging yourself is here in this moment for you to feel and see, for when you feel it and see how badly it feels, how demoralizing, how it tears at your self esteem and self worth, you can have compassion for yourself and ways to heal show up for you. The major one is to love yourself, rather than judge and condemn yourself for doing or not doing something you judge as incorrect, and you damn yourself for it, wishing you had done it differently.

Regret is one of the most anger motivating things you can do to yourself because you feel upset and angry with yourself. Then you take that anger and upset out on the world around you. There is no peace in you as long as you feel regret, for regret will destroy your peace of mind. All that you may feel regret about happened yesterday or the day before, somewhere in the past. Only you can choose to bring it into the present moment by thinking you should have done it differently and being angry at yourself because you did not do it the way you think you “should have.” There is no healing in that, only more to add to the regret.

What to do is not simply being aware of it but also being with it, being willing to sit with it and see how it makes you feel and moving it from that space of damaging yourself with your angry hurting thoughts to an understanding you were doing the best you could at that moment.

Damning yourself is like slapping a little child for making a mistake. Just be there – yes, AND FEEL IT and understand that the action to take is love yourself without a shadow of a doubt that you are loved. You are loved beyond words. It is only something you can feel when you have inner peace and feel the gentleness within your own heart that would reach out and heal you as well as those in your world. Feel it. Love it. Be the love you want to feel. Just feel how soft it feels to float in this space of gentleness, of inner calm and peace.

That is where the healing lies for you. In that gentle space within you, to just be with it, to sit in it, to let it wash over you and be washed clean of all judgment of yourself, which will lead to NO judgment of others.

And so the world is healed, one healed loving heart at a time, and your work will be the work the Lightworkers have come to share with others. Light warriors you are not because you are not making war on anything.   You are making love to the world around you, feeling their pain and suffering and offering them a hand up out of the hell where they live in their pain and misery of self hate. Self hate only brings you to more anger and hatred and that is exactly what you want to heal. So heal right now by loving deeply that feeling within you.  Go within where all true healing occurs.


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