Children of the Light – Awaken

In a course I facilitated I was guided to share this wonderful reading from Rev. Dr. Kay Hunter’s little book, Children of the Light, Inspirational Reading for Today. Everyone loved it and asked for a copy of it so I was guided to post it on my Blog to share with all of you. Have a blessed day, beloved ones, Patricia

“Children of the Light…Awaken! Doubt no more that which you are. You are the Breath of God – the Spirit of All Life. As you breathe in Love, that energy of good fills every cell of your Being. As you breathe out Love, you touch all within your space and they too are awakened. Be at One with your God, yourself, and all around you. It is in that oneness, forgiveness stirs the soul. That in turn, urges the heart to forgive all things done, all things undone. Remember, Dear Ones: Love – like God – is All there is. Love – like God – is beyond all limits that you can build. Love – like God – in truth, is All there is.” Thank you Rev. Kay for this profound reading.