“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

This was just so good that I’m passing it on to you just the way I received it.  It’s from Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay  House.  You know how things keep coming to you when it’s time to really hear something and “get it” so it can make a positive difference in your life.  They call that “getting it” an “aha” moment because it shifts your perception and you begin to see people and the world with more understanding and loving eyes.  Well, this morning I was observing myself in one of my patterns, old beliefs about something, and how it was affecting my life every day by bringing up something for me to continue to be upset about, to be “right” about.  That upset can color the rest of my day today if I let it and keep thinking I’m right and continue the upset – or I can continue being aware of it rather than reacting to it – and that will color my day in a positive, uplifting way – so it can unfold with more grace and ease.  So I practiced for a bit just being aware of it and lo and behold, grace pops right in – and when I go to my computer, there’s the message again from Reid Tracy.  His message really reinforced  my seeing myself in action more clearly.  It also reinforced how much grace I actually receive all through the day when I have the eyes to see it.  We keep getting messages until we actually “get it.”  Happy  “getting it” today, beloved family and friends.  With love, Patricia  (Enjoy Reid’s message – it will change our lives so we experience more peace and less upset.)

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” — Epictetus

Lately I have noticed sometimes things I believe or what others may believe just isn’t the truth. It is funny how we get ourselves to truly believe things are fact when indeed they are not fact at all.

Recently, I sent a letter to a longtime business partner giving them legal notice about not renewing a contract with them. It explained that although we weren’t renewing the original contract, I wanted to figure out a way we could continue to work together and that there was a chance some of the original plans I had in mind would fall through, but I still wanted to keep my options open as we moved forward.

From that letter the recipient concluded we had an alternative motive to take something from them and we didn’t value their contribution for the past 7 years. They had to protect their own interests above all else. You get the idea. They came up with many beliefs that were truly believed valid, but in fact were all very false. Due to these beliefs we ended our business relationship, which only happened because no matter what the former business partner was told by me as well as other Hay House representatives, he chose to stay defensive and stick with his core incorrect beliefs.

After this situation occurred, I thought back to how many times I personally made false beliefs my reality when dealing with personal relationships or other business ventures at Hay House and unfortunately, many came to mind.

So as I move through 2016, I am going to try and pay special attention when I make judgements about certain circumstances. I will make sure the beliefs I form in those circumstances are indeed the real truth and not just a truth I have invented.

Louise Hay always says, “Your thoughts create your life!” Now I see how those thoughts can get on the wrong track pretty easily. You have to be on the look out to make your thoughts positive and for the higher good. Next time you find yourself questioning someone’s intention, trust your instincts, but make sure to ask questions first. The world isn’t bad and people don’t always have ulterior motives. Let’s try to not judge until we actually know the full truth of any situation.

Wishing you the Best, 

Reid Tracy, CEO

Hay House

Seeking Attunement to Spirit is the Highest Goal of Conscious Living

I have been looking at my life purpose for some time now and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  So it’s not surprising that Spirit opened my eyes to my life purpose through a dream I had this morning so I could ‘see’ clearly.  When we commune with Spirit, we realize that there is a greater Life happening in the midst of our own.  Spirit uses multiple ways to guide us including dreams and books falling off shelves and people that come along.  It’s not something mysterious. In this place of oneness with Spirit, we are all free to be exactly who we are consciously. We are spiritual beings have an amazing physical experience.  Life sometimes makes us forget that until we get reminded again and Spirit is constantly reminding us.

So this morning, Saturday, April 2, 2016 I had a dream.  I was in a businessman’s office when his wife called on the phone to tell him something.  He immediately said something back to her and then hung up on her.  I could see he was angry, upset and a number of other emotions flashed across his face as he tried to center himself again, pushing down the grievance he felt and not dealing with it until it would pop up again in the future.

I can see that this is something we all do numerous times a day.  In the dream I began to coach him on being aware of what just happened, of how he was feeling about it, the grievance he was feeling.  A Course in Miracles says “Love holds no grievances” and “My grievances hide the Light of the world in me.”  It came to me part of my purpose is to use the principles of A Course In Miracles to help release the grievances we have been pushing down, to ‘see’ and be aware of the suffering we experience when we hold on to grievances.

We can find the common denominator in all of it: everyone we meet is either giving love or asking for love. Recognizing a call for love in the midst of someone acting out takes real awareness on our part, real attunement to Spirit. We are being given the opportunity to pause instead of creating a grievance and choose another way – to see their call for love and answer it with love instead of anger.  In my dream I shared with him that this was the kind of coaching I did that would change his whole life in every way, physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually.  It would help stop the suffering that was going on inside of him.  Another man came in drawn by the energy of what was going on in the room. Curious and wanting to be part of it, he sat on the couch in the office and looked at us and at that point I woke up.

I realized I had just received more clarity from Spirit about my life purpose:  to continue my spiritual and emotional growth as a spiritual mentor by offering emotional and spiritual strength to others, reminding us of our spiritual roots, of Who we really are, while we simultaneously stay attuned to Spirit.  The second principle in my interfaith seminary program is “We affirm our belief that seeking attunement to Spirit is the highest goal of conscious living.” Attunement to Spirit brings everything out into the light so grievances we hold can be healed as we remember the Truth of our Being, that we are all One.  There is no ‘other’ because there is only Spirit/Source/Creator/Universe shining through the eyes of everyone we see.  Even if it has been forgotten for a while, we get to choose to ‘see’ it every day no matter what is showing up.