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June 2, 2014
“Let us speak to you of Grace. Grace is not earned. Grace is a gift. It comes to you like your breath. It is always there. It is about receptivity. It is about allowing. It is about breathing into it and being full of grace as you move through your life live each day” The Beloveds
Sometimes life feels so full of what seems to be the opposite of grace…. obstacles that we wonder where the grace is. I have been reminding myself that these obstacles that I wish I could get rid of are opportunities for me to lift my vibration and stay open to grace flowing in. I know it’s there yet when I am focused and overwhelmed by the circumstances around me, I can’t feel the grace and the obstacles seem to grow in magnitude.
I remind myself that whatever is there now is there because I attracted it for a reason. The reason is usually because it is an opportunity for me to experience something in a new way from a higher perspective than I may have before. Obstacles have a way of redirecting us to see the grace we may not have seen before.
Usually the way I raise my perspective is to find some thing to appreciate. Nature really does it for me. It may be family and friends for you or whatever. My African Violets are perfect for that as I breathe into their beauty and let it fill me. I may not have seen the beauty and the grace because I was focused on the obstacles. It’s a perfect opportunity to shift my focus.
It’s a constant practice because it’s very easy to slip into old ways of being. We can practice shifting our focus about everything by seeing what else is there beside the obstacle. If it seems overwhelming, we can just be with it. We can be where we are and love ourself just the way we are right where we are and we can choose to be with people whose vibration is high until we can do it for ourself.